December 11, 2007

Work...pea....over n out...

I'm finally done with work for 2007. However i do not feel elated...on the contrary i feel rather tired (so what's new) and irritated. Had to hang around to wait to meet a dude for kopi n find out that my initial suspicions are correct. Then i had a lousy dinner n couldn't get a cab from the mrt so had to take a bus home....(hike fees somemore la...still doesn't solve problem what)

On another matter, the dream i blogged about turned out to be a topic of amusement for my friends. They even set up a group for it, intent on dramatising the whole issue. Is it really for my benefit (I already told them it's stoopid so just drop it) or for theirs?

I also at some point dreamt of a black lil' labrador puppy which spoke n told me his name is 'chewy', but i don't see them rushing to post ads and go to spca to find this cute pooch. Since hints aren't working, maybe this will. The pea doesn't get angry easily, i'm still not angry, however it now takes v lil' to get on pea's nerves, and this is starting to. Enough said.

December 10, 2007

Dilbert's world

Dilbert has a knack for hitting the nail on the head sometimes...

"Careers are what vikings and blacksmiths had. Your "career" will be a series of random jobs that are each somewhat less horrible than the one before. Eventually, when you have changed jobs enough times, you will be old".

"If money doesn't buy happiness, you might wonder why the people who are paid the least are always the most disgruntled."

"If you have worked at your company longer than the other people in your department, chances are that you are not one of the "good people"."

hmmmm..... =

December 06, 2007

pin cushion...

Today was yet another super busy day...surprising after 2weeks of relative calm.
boss was in town for meetings n appraisals. Had my round...basically not telling me much except thanks for my support n hope for my continual support. (hope la..hope money no talk manz....we shall wait n see)

I was glad i didn't have to be the one who stabbed probs collg in the it turned out....many pple have done it already, the feedback gathered definitely didn't do him much i just needed to nod in agreement and assist in pushing the dagger deeper...mwahahahhaa!!! =P but at least boss was honest n knows what is happening...which is somewhat a lil' relief.

I guess appraisals are just a must do thing where what u put on paper doesn't really make that much of a difference, but at least there's a chance to voice out certain things without it sounding like a threat. Where the fella in charge still tries to draw a seemingly brighter picture with the shades of grey on his palate. ah well....glad that is over and done with....

December 04, 2007

i want to go holiday!

what a bizarre n slightly irritating day....I realised that the problem with being remembered for a job well done is that you are also remembered when they've got a problem they need solved...*bleah*...

had 2 ex-bankers who joined another bank call me for help, to teach that side bank dealer what to do...wah lau...dam kok.....talking to the dealer lagi kok....thought he was a junior staff...found out the fella actually abit 'higher' up than that....then lagi bizarre thing? the fella ask to meet huh....whatever...m already in holiday mood...don't really give a damn la...

after settling all the afternoon kena another issue.....a troublesome banker gimme problem again....cannot get his way then quote my name say confirm with me already....kana sai loh..confirm w me..who am i? not his boss to give him approval also what...neh use brain....hiaz...give i left at 5.15pm n headed home la....fark it....just countdown the days to my break...can't wait...

November 27, 2007

xiang dang nian.....

This is more for myself than anything else...thought i shld've this archived somewhere in cyberspace history....=P
This picture appeared in the straits times yonks aunt spotted it first and called to wake my mum up to go look...
"there's a part for this land where we belong...there's a part for one and all...." Those were the days of patriotic propaganda tunes....

flea fly mosquito

last week went by rather'm rather annoyed....having to deal with waste time IT problems and pattern chooting probs collg ....didn't feel better even after my gym workout.....not sure if it's the general tiredness...or low glucose levels....couldn't shake off the thorn in the side feeling...gobbled down dinner mostly the 10-15mins drive home...when the food had a chance to travel to my tummy and the signal travel to my brain...i felt only minisculy la like dat?

On another note....looks like one collg will be FLEE-ing the coop soon....which leaves me wishing i could FLY to my holiday sooner and stay away longer....coz when i get back it'll just be me coping with the annoying MOSQUITO of a probs collg...suck blood manz...

November 22, 2007


I'm feeling damn strange .....cut off from the world a kind of limbo state.....not really feeling much.....thought i'm not that tired..been sleeping early...but on the way home on the mrt...i got a seat a few stations from my stop ...closed my eyes n konked i must still be tired.....parallel universe fren also called me ask if i fell off the face of this earth la...just trying not to fall off my chair...

order order!

Many times in life, what you see is not always what you get. Case in point.

November 13, 2007

kooo kuuuu....

ok ok..i shan't bitch about work n tbk today...or this week ( i try i try)....
2 nights ago i had a strange dream...i dreamt i held hands w a ok looking dude..this dude kinda resembles this local actor who made the transition from channel 5 to channel 8 ...not say dam hamsom but some say quite tao....think some can guess "TPH"...heh heh...i also rmbr in the dream...i kinda know i am in a dream and thinking to myself..hey his height not too bad....
methinks m losing some of my marbles...
**cue in twilight zone music**

November 11, 2007

Achy breaky

Had a very bad muscle pull? ache in my left shoulder..also don't know caused by what..can't be my new watch =) so heavy right, feeling all numb and tingly at my fingertips....must b a hazard of working at a desk all day.......went massage on sat....much better...but now the ache is in my right shoulder....haiz...lao liao...... need to overhaul...

November 04, 2007

idea drought...

countdown...about 5 more weeks to long needed holiday. Been surfing websites for next yr's trip ideas..i need a sure fire way to earn alot of money in a short time(don't we all)...coz all the places i wanna go costs quite a bit of moolah ley....

my ex-bank Hi 5 alumni also facing the same work dilemma, all work until dam sian...feel like getting out, but without a gd idea of what else is feasible/lucrative enough to venture into....In the absence of a grand plan, we can only resort to weekly toto least we try...dun try no try got hope...

i try to remind myself that i am trying to chiong n make more money so at least i can hv enough to invest in stuff...i feel like i working quite hard but not seeing the moolah ley.....something is not quite working out...hmmm...ideas ideas ideas? i need some good ideas....

October 31, 2007

Nagging irritation

today i got pek chek w probs collg's like talking to a wall....towards end of the day i notice he still didn't do the stuff he's supposed to do...tried reminding him that it wasn't done yet..but his reply just totally way off the mark's so ridiculous it's amazing......i decided i didn't want any part of it and left for home. heck it la..not my problem...why shld i hv to clean up his mess............But on the mrt home...i felt i couldn't live with myself if i just let it slide and it escalates into a bigger prob 2mr which i might end up having to settle (coz he will conveniently be on leave again)...i sms-ed the other more experienced collg for least now i think the prob is being taken care of (i hope!)

it's been couple of hours since i left office...had dinner...had a cup of nice calming honey rose-bud a couple of chapters of harry potter....but still the naggy irritated feeling has not left me....*sigh*

October 22, 2007

the hunted

if only they issued hunting i really felt like murdering someone....wring the fella's actually won't wanna dirty my hands....blungeoning him with a sledgehammer sounds more apt...mwaaa haaa....=P nabei..what a tiring and frustrating and irritating day...

October 13, 2007

zonked out...

oct 9 this week marked the 1yr of me working in this plc. As i sat on the mrt to work with my ipod plugged into my ears to block out the world, i was thinking to myself...think i need some inspiration ah...maybe shld take a page out of my "zen" fren's book and take a whole yr off really sounds like a tempting idea. I've been feeling so exhausted at work , i'm beginning to wonder if this is really for me, how come the rest seem ok ah? maybe i'm just not cut out for the stress...but then again i think i'm doing a rather good job ley...

how nice if i could really rest....2day wkends just ain't enough to undo all the knots in my back n shoulders n mind manz....i began to fantasize...wah...if i can go LA this dec....dive palau in feb.....perhaps go safari later next yr....surely will think of other plcs worth visiting....but ahhhh...won't i need loads of moolah since these trips really really cost alot? ....was then prompted to walk to the nearest singapore pools outlet .....

think i'm just tired, let's see if i feel recharged after dec the meantime....try to pace myself point too onz the ballz also so zonked i feel drugged....

October 04, 2007

A wtf day...

It's been more than 2hrs since I left work, yet i'm still feeling "chuan". It's been a very wtf day.
As if we didnt' have enough multi-tasking to do with orders coming in from email/bloomie/phone, now we gotta check this farking silly new system that constantly must click on refresh and the refresh takes like 10-15 secs...wah seh...I thought new systems r meant to make jobs easier not add unnecessary load and frustration?? the new screens have not arrived, so still multi-tasking numerous windows on two small screens...think i might need to go for re-lasik if this continues...

I have become v edgy and fuse is getting shorter...mean-ness doesn't become's however easier to say than do.....i try to remind myself that it's just a job just do my best and not fret over it....but i do get sooooo irritated at the slightest thing/person....think i might develop high blood or hypertension manz...which reminds me...think i'll go massage again this wkend since desaru trip is called off...

I feel abit bad for ignoring some pple, just not in the mood to entertain over boring lunch w scarce little common topics. My lunch hour is short enough, I need to get away n eat in peace w frens loh...

and oh...the library board wants to collect $1.50 from me for books they claim i still have since 2001...which I'm quite sure i've done the book-drop thingy in 2001 loh...hallooo...2001??! i rest my case...

September 30, 2007

xiao peng you...

Since i'm bloggin, must as well add this story....especially for the benefit of those frens in foreign lands who might find comfort in lil' references of home...=) u know who u r so pls leave a comment.haa

last sat i waited rather long under the hot afternoon sun for a taxi, it finally came and as i got in the conversation got a lil ' strange and comical :"
cabbie:"miss, do u feel warm?"
me:"yes, it's quite hot outside"
cabbie:"strange ley, i don't feel anything"
me:" ??? errr...ya i waited quite long in the sun so quite hot"
(i'm thinking at this pt that this dude abit strange ley)

After asking me for my destination and preferred route,
cabbie:" don't need to go school today ah"?
me:"???? errr no need, i already many years don't need to go school already" (anyway it's a freaking wkend and i was dressed in tshirt and denium skirt with my sunnies on loh)
cabbie:" oh shi ma?! ni kan qi lai hai siang xiao peng you lei"
me: " =0 "

at this point i concluded that this dude is definitely weird so just ignore him and stare out the window until i reached my destination...

Drooly P... it's 12.30 am in the morning and the effects have worn off and the panadol has kicked in. I'm feeling drowsy but that's normal. 3hrs ago we all had some new zealand rose wine that lao pa bought, it tasted alright, luckily i had only a few small sips...thought it was just me since i can't drink but my heart was pounding darn fast and a sickening headache came over me...while i gulped water and complained...lao pa n my parallel universe friend also started getting headaches. It definitely was something in the wine.

It took quite awhile ...i had to drink more water and like ben favourite saying 'lie down for awhile'....whole body felt dam heavy....limbs felt heavy to move...brain activity slowed to a crawl..even eye blinking was slower than what i was used to. As i lay on the sofa on my side, i felt that if i breathed through my mouth, ie. left my mouth open, i think i would've drooled....I think this must be what it feels like to be stoned or stooopid or both. Of course tis' quite a new experience for me...haha....a fren has told me that i've become more impatient and edgy so moving so slow and stoopidly definitely wasn't my style...

Only "lao ma" felt perfectly fine....either she's immune to whatever substance was in the wine or she's a freaking alcoholic effect whatsoever la...well done...

September 22, 2007

Tau Kwa ?

This week met up with a friend i haven't met in many months, his daughter is already almost 1yr old. How time flies. At the same lunch, another fren came to distribute her wedding invites. much things can change and develop in the span of less than a year. I am happy for her and do indeed see a change, she's alot more open and easier to have a conversation with. (ie. has become more normal and personable la)

It didn't help my case when she's the owner of a dating agency and he is so curious about it he's asking a dozen questions, i felt like i was being "A-ed" (if u don't understand what that means..neh mind). Thankfully my dating-agency-fren is so happy and pre-occupied with her happy busy life now she's off my case....not too sure about the other guy though, just received an email from him of sumiko tan's article about "a woman needs a man" get your point..i know you mean well....but alllo?? want me to go out on the street and club some random guy on the head and drag him back to my cave is it? Even without going the primitive route, i don't believe in spending good moolah to meet pple, sorry la..itz just a personal opinion, i'd rather spend the dough on a good holiday with pple who's company i know i will be comfortable in and enjoy.

that concludes this week's random rant.

pop quiz question: if pea were to be a high ranking minister, what would her title be?
(hint: think in hokkien, or just refer to the title of this post) gd fren the official 'last ironman of s'pore's 1st ironman race" came up with it.

September 07, 2007

Amm chio or TL worthy?

It's been awhile since i blogged, some big guy said must make pea either amm chio or TL then she will blog about it one...

Before i forget, I read an article about facebook allowing search engines like google/yahoo etc to access n find your info. So better go change your privacy settings (article says u hv about 1mth to do it) unless you have an exhibitionist streak, in which case, you might wanna go beautify your site.

The pea has been really busy and hectic at work..only this week has been rather manageable.
I got abit annoyed at my probs collg (ie. collg w some probs la) , I have an issue about how slow motion he answers the phonecalls and how buay zi dong he is sometimes. The nickname given to him behind his back is really apt --tua pek kong(TPK)...sometimes dunno what he doing la..really sit there like TPK loh, like to give instructions somemore. Most of the time i ignore la, esp when he dunno head or tail n chap ji kah. Other than that i guess he's ok la, we keep to ourselves mostly, afterall guess it's just a job n we all working for much the same thing.

Found out this bank is really like what i feared rather stingy when it comes to payout. So really quite sian stress for what right? What to do, some is better than none. Gotta hang in there for yr then see how.

nothing amm-chio-able to blog about...unfortunately...

August 29, 2007


Blogs will be even less updated now that our lil' community has discovered facebook. Most of stuff in there are quite useless actually but can be rather are you on facebook?

August 23, 2007

hanging tough

wah..dam shack ley...cannot go on like this ....colleagues taking turns to go on leave....think about it already dam siong...i feel physically ill today manz....i think m also too juak plus the added work load today didn't help.......aching all over .....mentally n physically super tired.....
Can't imagine slogging like this till 62yrs old..wait itz 65? cannot la...anybody got any better bright ideas?...

August 18, 2007

single emo pea

emo pea's gonna bitch again...freaking tough past 2 days man with the markets in free fall mode and one colleague on leave. Running around like a monkey and not getting the the end of friday felt like just sat through intense 8hr exam like dat..brain cramped, eyes strained, neck and back aching like mad....

plus i got a call from the organiser of the palau trip saying that a dec trip looks highly workable. Happy at first until i find out that the catch is i should try to find myself a room mate coz the rest are all even numbered so easier to split cost if they should wanna charter the whole boat. My thinking is what is this big deal about having the whole boat to ourselves?? As it is, a 7confirmed person booking would make us the majority on the boat already, why give ourselves the headache of trying to find the extra 5 pax and esp 2 who are willing to pay alot more for the bigger state room?

Plus my peeve is that if I'm freaking gonna pay like more than 4K to go for this trip, why should I have to bother about finding myself a roomie?? I don't have an issue rooming w another guest what...i just wanna go dive n enjoy myself.... I'm a F.I.T (free independent traveller)...being single my fault is it? (ok itz partly my fault but i neh had to pay a price for it until now and i'm v sore abt the whole thing)

Was just flipping newspapers just now and i don't get it but why do all the new condo developments look the same? it's like they all came out of the same design firm using the same glass and steel materials. If I as a buyer is gonna pay like 1mio or more (wish i have that kind of money now) to buy the place, then it at least better have something special or unique about it. It REALLY all looks the same! and it's beginning to look alot like HK! eeeks...

I'm emo today..everything seems to bug me...the cool weather is the only respite...

ohhhh great..the ktv 'chao-siah' aunty in the opposite house is at it again...she needs her own sound proof box she can actually hear how bad she is...

August 12, 2007

hanging out...

Went in early to work at the F place on national day knowing that I had alot of trades that need to be handled. Arrived at 7.30am only to find out to my irritation that my staff pass does not allow me entry on public holidays!! and who can i call for help at this time in the morning when it seems like i'm the only one there??...basically woke up at least 3 colleagues trying to get hold of the mobile phone number of the facilities dude whom the security guard said has already arrived n is somewhere in the building (so helpful loh).

Finally managed to get in at 8am. Applied for approval to have my staff pass access extended to 24hrs ( i had to apply loh, like i want to work on wkends loh, doesn't make sense loh)....Was told since i am not required to work night shifts, they only programmed a mon-fri access for me. Wah lau. Think after i sompa that i will not steal the company arowanas and stingrays, they shld grant me the access la. like hellooooo..some common sense here??

Anyway realised that 'maria's job actually quite tiring and time consuming ah...must wash clothes...hang clothes...keep clothes..iron clothes....vacuum floor...mop floor...wah seh...where got time??

At least we all had a gd dinner gathering last evening...shabu shabu + lamb shank + chicky wings (which my neighbourhood stealth feline theives seem to savour) + batalong salad( at least I thot of a balanced diet)....Conversation was interesting and mostly rather loud, ranging from silly property gay smurfs...electric company...muppets...(it's scary how much some can remember)...weird and problematic frens .....emoteens.....emopea (i still dun get it, i where got emo lah) and my famous american time story was again repeated for the benefit of the uninitiated....

August 06, 2007

9 years...9 lives?

forgot to invest in toto today, totally slipped my mind. did anyone win the 5.5mio jackpot? website taking too long to load ah. Hope at least some friends won something?

been quite a choboh weekend. very chill...v relaxing...until i started thinking of the work week then not so chill...not so relaxed.

Time really's 9 yrs since graduation among other things. On the one hand doesn't quite feel like it's been so long, on the other, I sure feel darn jaded. Am I the only one? So much has happened, yet I feel i can't remember alot of stuff. I dunno whether is it the time warp feeling or just a case of aging braincells. Think more of the latter. If we all had a chance to do it all again, would we still make the same choices? I think so. We are the sum of all our choices and experiences....there is of course plenty of room for improvement but I think by and large I am pretty happy with myself =) aren't we all? heh..anyway...
Think I shouldn't ponder so much at this late hour ah, must preserve those greying cells...

August 02, 2007

Angelic vacation

I think my guardian angel took leave today ah.
I hope she's back with me tomorrow.

August 01, 2007

Penny for my thots

It's been a crazy week, dad had a minor health scare but thankfully a colon scope showed that all was clear. Now that i've just sent them off to the airport for their 3week French vacation, I actually have the whole place to myself. Can relax? nooooooo....gotta do his work for him while he is away. Talk about O.T. Spent the last few days fussing and briefing. As if the poor pea isn't stressed enough at work, come home still cannot relax. =(

heard ex-alumni boss quit from the B place, woah, kinda changes things for my 2 kaki's who joined him there. Guess it goes to show that nothing is for certain and change really is the only constant. As much as i feel for them, can't help but agree with 11 that it's a blessing in disguise for us that we didn't end up joining.

Today at work, also got near miss, luckily managed to resolve rather quickly. I really think my guardian angel is doing a darn good job. Looking at all things in totality, I am made aware of a more powerful hand directing events/things in my life. Just the other day, I nearly strike starter prize for 4D, miss by 1 digit only. It's as if 'someone' is saying, hey i know what you are wishing for, but am showing you that you still need to work for it and there's no free lunch. Then again, it ain't gonna stop me from investing in thur's 2.8mio toto jackpot la. You'd neh know loh.

Even the old Bali medicine man also said to me :' pls don't lose your job'. So guess i'd still hafta work at it for some time yet. This same cracko dude also says i'll be rich by 40...(wooo hooo!) so I gotta hang on for the ride. He also said:" you are not just a smart girl, you are a VERY smart girl!" Waaahhh..haaa.....=P

A quote I came across this week:" the most efficient energy saving device is a rich husband". hmmm....

July 23, 2007

Bali magic

There's something magical about bali, the people are friendly, there's no rush, traffic can get quite crazy but nobody loses their cool, even the local pets know how to kick back n take it easy.

This is not a postcard

Alam Asmara Resort, Candidasa, Bali.
Pure bliss.

Really didn't do much this trip, which was the whole idea. I only brought basic snorkel gear true to fata's swordsman theory, and it must be a record coz I only did ONE dive..haa..choppy la..too much effort.

Chilled out at a mountain resort in Ubud, the Nandini resort, very peaceful and quiet, but the negotiating the many steps proved quite a good workout, all 3 of us were complaining of achy calf muscles. In s'pore some pple like to visit condo showflats, while in bali, the king likes to visit 5 star resorts to take pictures and trouble the resort managers to show him the villa rooms and ask tons of resort number 3 i was rather stoned n restless n lost interest. While cursing the king for his many incurable weird habits, i kena the neng kah attack and fell while going down a flight of stone pebble steps, Alila ubud i think it was, sustained minor (ugly) injuries.
Visited a rather amusing old medicine man, who's diagnosis consisted of reading your face, eyes/ears/nose/mouth - 'you have v gd eyes/ears/nose/mouth, you are v good woman' (when it came to the queen's turn, he said repeated much of the same thing, so here i have my doubts la....also did some palm reading, apparently 'if i want to i can marry 2 times'??!?!! king say i greedy, but was very happy to view and recommend villas which might prove to be suitable honeymoon locations for me next time.
ah well, as always, holidays end too soon and i feel like i need a few more days break to recover from my break but that is not to be, it's back to the grindstone tomorrow. Now i need to sleep.

July 16, 2007

lights, camera, (no) action!

counting down...1 more work day to go...then i'm off to a self proclaimed well deserved rest/break in bali....

90% packed....just waiting for the king to change his mind about the silly heavy strobe that he made me go out of my way to collect. Methinks it's a set up. not sure who the mastermind dear KL royal couple frens (who act blur) or a certain dude who is 40 but behaves and likes to hang out with fellas 10yrs his junior....or maybe it's really a coincidence thing? I think not.....
Alas,for all their good intentions and effort, this is a plan that will not bear fruit...try harder next time guys, filter properly 1st..heh...

update: i found out that all of the above was really really pure coincidence...who knew la..ah least it provided me (and some of my frens) some amusement...

July 12, 2007

words..only words...

Just the other day read that the word 'ginormous' has made it as a legitimate word in the english dictionary...

Maybe one day soon we'll see words like 'chi-ba-bom' and 'shart' in there as well.
It was also reported in the news that the word 'love' is the most popular and favourite word amongst Singaporeans. (I didn't know that too) well.."cool" another..

July 10, 2007

The buck stops here

The end of yet another really ku ku day. Really don't know what's gotten into me. but i've had enough of this nonsense. the ku-ku-ness stops here. Ming tian huei gen hao!

July 09, 2007

Ku ku na den

I really feel i need a holiday..... to rest relax and take my kiao-kah picture....
Decided to heck it and not wait until aug for holiday, so today book ticket to bali to join king & queen on their trip (i gatecrash but boh chap la..heh). Happily thot ok, settled liao, swee.

On the mrt ride home then realised that the trip falls on the same weekend as port dickson race?! of course i am not competing la but i was supposed to go n give moral support while nuahing. Yikes...very ku ku....the pea seldom makes such mistakes, it's not her nature. She usually has her "marbles" all stored in the right just goes to prove that it is really time for a holiday..the braincells need to reorganise and regroup..... I'm very very sorry to tuah fata...dix...ah poon....

July 01, 2007


So little time it seems, even on weekends it's a mad rush to get things done.

collect passport (ICA centre bursting at the seems with pple, my queue number: 323..wah seh..took 1.5hrs loh)....go meet fren for kopi....go for massage....go dinner.....go home zzz...

next day...go church...go lunch...go cut now the massage effects of the previous day is setting in and i guess i'm going thru' the detox phase....while waiting for my hair color to set, i was alternating between falling asleep and watching lil' hermie here go about his daily biz in the salt water tank...

hiaz..darn tired la....aiyoh...hope i wake up fresh(er) tomorrow...

June 20, 2007


time seems to pass rather quickly it feels....i was moaning about pending already end of wed....just ystd celebrated my parallel universe fren's bday by having satisfying dinner at shaslik during which I was informed that i am rather kok since i didn't figure out how to set the date on my watch properly.

After that, I relied on trusty taxi uncle to send me home....during the journey, he asked me to read this police broadcast message on his taxi call booking screen...some big sized guy was out on the loose with one hand still in cuffs...then the taxi uncle say he knows who the dude is!! he is some guy who is a drug addict and hangs arnd in the taxi uncle's neighbourhood and the taxi uncle buys illegal ciggies from this dude for 1/2 the regular price! At this point i also don't know whether to believe or not loh...abit too coincidental right? anyway...i let it slide la, so kaypoh for what right.

On another topic...I think I need to get away and breathe some compressed air again, dunno when will I get the chance...just when the subject crossed my mind, got a msn message asking if I was keen to go manado to dive end Aug...hmmmm..can consider ley...any other takers??? I've only been there once and I told myself it's definitely worth it to go dive lembeh again....itz just the thought of jumping into the cold water that makes me hesitate. I can feel the chill in my bones just thinking about it...

June 16, 2007

connect the dots looking backwards

back from "alumni" dinner...seems like the few of us still trying to find out footing and get a comfortable stance in our chosen's not been easy...hope it will all work out for all...

was reading the text of one of Steve Job's speech (
In it he spoke about connecting the dots looking backwards...i think i can relate....i couldn't see back then....where my haphazard work experience would lead me...but now i guess the time i clocked in the other companies really did help me to 'pick up' faster at this new sure is darn hectic but at least the learning curve ain't too steep.....hopefully i'll handle the intensity well as i gain experience...

even landing the transfer to this dept was quite a challenge, but now looking back...some stuff had to not work out in order for other stuff to...and a series of small events that included frustrating news & interesting yet vital coincidences so minute it was barely a whisper that could easily have been it all falls into place and works out in the end....

Contrary to what my dear fren sms me today, i do not think God is on vacation...i think we just can't see his plan until it is unfurled before take heart....keep the faith....and rmbr "all good things!"

June 14, 2007

hot dog

last nite i had a dream...and i seldom dream...or rather i mostly don't remember even if i do.
Could be that i'm waking up much earlier these days...before that's why can recall parts of the dream...
in my dream...i was patting the head of a pooch.....that one minute look like beemer(goldie) minute look like scout(brown & white border collie)...duh..confusing..haa

then ...cut over to another scene, i had my arm around a cute guy with a hot bod...?
then then then...
then i woke up......
so hor..tomorrow i set my alarm clock 5mins earlier...maybe can recall more if i do dream again......or maybe i'll just go have a hot dog...*sigh*

June 10, 2007


been a long hectic week...1st week officially at the new dept....wah siong! think this is the 1st time i start new job don't have 'honeymoon' period one. Really gotta hit the ground running...or rather by the time friday came around i was already dam chuan. Somemore was left alone for a short period (think only 25mins or so but felt like an eternity) one day and i nearly died juggling 3 phones and 2 bloomberg terminals.......... So looked forward to the weekend break. As usual it comes arnd and goes way too quickly...sun is coming to an end...monday will be dawning soon...and the madness is gonna start again!

*suck in deep breath*

June 01, 2007

Bottled apology

2nd screwed up again....told me 'they were not informed of my arrival but will let me check in anyways" hellllooo? doing me a big favor is it?.......the pea lost her zen quite awhile ago with this so called 'top svc aptm chain'.....told the charboh off that this is the 2nd time they've screwd things up for me. At the very least they 'zhi chuo neng gai', i returned to the room to find a bottled apology...altho' i don't drink, itz still a nice touch, quench the hell fires abit.

Last week thur was HK holiday, of course i didn't have to go in to work right? wrong again.....i found out this week that the CB si ang moh actually complained that i shld've come in to work since my flight was only in the afternoon. Hear already dam buay soong loh. I really think my 'yuan' does not lie with this dept....let's hope things pick up at the new dept....if it doesn't, my resignation letter is typed and ever ready...just need to change the date only lor.....afterall it's just a job, they don't own me, and when things get too ridiculous, just hv to say adios amigos.....wish me luck my friends....maybe i should read some 'hong chui' books also, haa...

May 26, 2007

shama again!??!

Just when i thought, ahhh..finally back home...can try to eat abit of snake for the last week of work in this present's been a hectic week, could do with some down time..... I got a call on fri evening at 7pm to ask me to go over to HK again next week! DAMN!

Last week in HK, it was a holiday on thur so i earned one day off...but this coming week, thur is a holiday in S'pore but NOT in HK, so i gotta pay back that one day....nabei...i can't win with this company la...itz v annoying...

I don't know which is worse, the thought of having to work on a s'pre holiday or the thought of having to check in to that damn screwed up place again....u know what? i think the latter takes the cake.

I really hope that book lao pa was reading is true...june 6th is the date to look fwd to...for after that date....all ye dragons will hv a fantastic time!

The recent case of sudden death reported in the papers, of a 29yr old guy who is rather well known in the local music industry is v sad. Turns out my folks play golf with his folks n they are rather good friends, so i think it's rather close to home in a way. Mum was tellg me about it when they fetched me from the airport, the boy was working very hard on a upcoming project and was very stressed out, can imagine family's pain n loss, and all i can think of is that life is so precious n fragile, somethings are just not worth it... so guess have to live a balanced life...and learn when to say enough is enough so f off...haa..

May 22, 2007


my hk trip has not been smooth thus far.
sequence of events:

- 5min trip to changi airport, very smooth, when i got out of the car, i realised i was leaving a trail of white rubber. My arseluck in choosing a pair of shoes that i hv not worn in over 2yrs and no checking the base which was basically too brittle.
So after check in gotta go buy charles & keith sandal, quite kok.

-flight to HK, rather smooth, in my clumsiness i accidentally flicked some butter onto someone's laptop, lucky he busy eating neh see, i also heng my reflexes quite fast, hurry up wipe off and pretend nothing happen,continue eating....

-reach HK, customs queue, taxi queue all dam long, took me almost 2hrs to reach service aptm. While waiting got a call from s'pore office secretary saying that the stoopid farking hotel pple went to email my office and cc my farking big boss in hk that 2 of my friends hv checked in and are staying with me. All i blardi told them to do was to allow them to put luggage in the room 1st. Imagine how bad this looks. fucking upset for the rest of the day, cldn't even eat dinner properly, kept thinking wat the hell gonna happen 2mr.

-got up dam early coz basically didn't sleep all that well, got ready, took a cab to work.
old groucy taxi driver didn't understand me and i had to call my collg for help in translation.
- thankfully big farking boss was in big farking london, so i didn't have to deal with it face to face, just dropped him an email and all was clear. think it was just blew way out of proportion la...
-Cursing at the shama svc aptm pple was v apt, don't believe 'top' chains handle things like dat loh, they cld've at least had the decency to wait for me to arrive to clarify things.
-had some gd company for dinner with hilarious thai stand up comedy act by pegs...
-chilling out at her plc as i make use of lao pa's laptop n peg's broadband connection.

1more work day to go then hopefully will have enough time for some shopping ..

what can i say...i do not like HK...=(

May 19, 2007

Ah Di ah!

A normal lazy saturday, nuah until hungry so walk to the outside kopitiam to buy lunch.

5min walk out...5min walk need to dress up for sure.
Q up to buy 'teh peng' to quench the afternoon thirst, the drinks' stall auntie in her fervour to serve fast fast..barely glanced at me and asked 'ah di yao she mer'?

I pretend neh hear the 1st part of the question and gave her my order while looking at her straight in the eye. think she felt bad la after she look properly....ha...i was more amused than insulted. Got me thinking on my 5min walk home...was it my short hair? was it my happening army print bermudas? I think it's time for a change...i think i need to grow my hair out long...=P

May 15, 2007

where's the justice?

Just when i think i've accepted things and am more or less at peace w the situation and am moving forward.
I find out by chance that the irritating bugger has told yet another person that his bonus has hit 6figures. Don't these pple ever learn the meaning of the word 'humble' or that you can't 'buy' friends? or that respect is not earned n measured by how great u r trying to tell pple u r?
Worse still, where's the fucking justice if the HR can give him so much, and deny me my measely peanut dust for last yr????? Ni nabu la.
Neh mind, can only tell myself that only good things will come to me and my friends...
I am told today that i need to 'do them a favour' n fly myself to HK to do handover to a new fella. Such is the kok-ness of this plc, sign n charge away i shall, since it sure ain't going into my pocket na?

May 11, 2007

P's vision software upgrade successful!

I can see! It's rather amazing really, quite scary too, can see everythg that is happening. The aftermath with the plastic cups look quite kok..but 'an quan di yi, an quan di yi'.
Bottles of Solo care solution and unused focus dailies (500 degrees) to give away..anybody?? heh

May 06, 2007


realised a coupla things over last week.

1) boys can and probably are more sampat n gossipy than girls. the only difference is, they can gossip and shoot very succint questions at the subject of the gossip who is present in their midst.
girls generally will give face and only gossip behind the subject's back.

2) Mary's food still lives up to standards, and I feel hungry just thinking about the goreng pisangs and ngoh hiang rolls...yum...

3) Met up with a fren i haven't caught up with for awhile and she passed me 'the secret'...good reminder of all the stuff that I know and should be using but have lost sight of along the way.

4) Take home quote from Spidey 3 :"For all the things that life throws at us, there's always a choice".

5) If all else fails, when i grow old and wrinkled, I have a couple who will gladly totter around and watch tv with me (esp porn channels 304-309?) and laugh at the subtitles until our false teeth drop out. It's part sad...part reassuring ...don't know how else to describe it man...

May 02, 2007

go away!

back from trip...still in denial...can the real world go away for longer please?
(pic stolen from dix's collection) ...island kitty sure knows how to let it all go, shut the world out, don't listen to a dam thang...

April 27, 2007


Shackadoobeedoo!! yes i am.
Was looking fwd to annual m so tired i am just glad to go away for a couple of days...the promise of gd food, gd fun, gd diving? sure helps..

*yawn* *stretch* *sigh*

April 23, 2007

msia boleh!

only in msia, this is what i call 'creating employment', imagine how many enforcement officers they need to employ to 'catch & scold people'.
tired tired....need a good laugh.....need a long break....need not to work...*bleah*

April 15, 2007

Hard day's work's been a long n testy week...nothing like some good ole' exercise to release the pent up frustration and get my mind off things by tiring myself out.

If I were a cat...I probably look like this...the 'pose' says it all...shack out manz!!! is good for this cat it seems...taking a catnap next to the aromatic vapours of changi village's famous nasi lemak must be in kitty heaven...
Feeling slightly more hopeful now that i've had the weekend to ponder things through, pray for me my friends...we all could do with a lil' divine help.

April 14, 2007

storm before the calm?

Looking out of my office window, the color of the sky matches my mood for the last few days...cloudy, black and potentially stormy...told off a collg who i got dam irritated with.
to his question asking me for lunch so he can try to pry more info, my response was
:" I think i hv gd reason not to be in the best of moods right now, and to be honest with you that I'd rather not sit there and NOT answer your questions, so i'd pass on lunch if u can understand why."
not very fierce la (since when i ever scold pple) but i think i got the message across....
i can only grin and bear it and act like everything's fine and dandy...which by me is darn hard to this age, i am even thinking of playing truant(coz i never did much of it back in school days)'s pathetic...and it just goes to show the level of resentment in my lil' heart...

April 09, 2007

to be or not to be....

current plc Pluses:
Mostly boh zeng hu, no one hounds me for stuff or breathes down my neck
better rewards coz it's supposed to be a front trading position
I'm getting used to the nature of the job n the systems involved

current plc Minuses:
boring environment
Uncertain future
Annoyance at mgmt for dragging feet abt impt stuff (my money!!!)
Annoyance at myself for kena bluff coz i didn't clarify when i joined
Annoyance at doing work that is not reflected by my position
Annoyance at silly magic mushroom muffins eating counterparts who make my job harder
Annoyance at the lack of direction
Annoyance at the blurring of lines
General annoyance la!
Staring at 4screens not doing my eyesight any good...
Incongruency ...that's the word...i can't describe it anyway else....i feel like it ain't really what i shld be doing ( i shld be tai tai enjoying in bahamas on toto winnings..hee)

new plc pluses
'perceived' better environment...coz already know the pple and culture
So will largely still be a boh si mi zeng hu style...
if they can give me more moolah..of course betta la
i think at most 2 screens only.

new plc minuses
step back into that area then forget abt moving front again, right now not sure what i prefer
no chance of getting big big bonus
potentially long hours
certainty of me complaining abt stuff after settling in if i choose to go...just gimme a mth or two..

there is no one perfect solution...but there are always choices to be what will it be
there are experiments done that proof that given 5secs or 5mins or 5days...we'll still come back to the same gut feeling instant decision...
i shall keep an open mind n go find out more 1st then say...

April 06, 2007

as wide as u can.....

had my lasik eye checkup yesterday....
throughout the examination, they keep telling me to 'open your eyes as wide as you can...wider..more...wider..."
after a few attempts you'd think that they will realise that it is not the case where I am not coorperating but rather i simply cannot.
I have lazy eye and lazy eyelid's "consistent" if u know what i mean =P modern ang moh equipment is not really tailored for slitty asian eyes...i had to resort to holding my eyelid up with my lil' index finger.
so it's set.....gonna do it next month...hope all goes well...

April 03, 2007

what do u make of this

i've been told that by reading someone's blog, you get a sense of that person.
Of what is said and unsaid, read between the lines, is this person proud? happy? cynical? ashamed? hiding behind a mask? a zi lian kuang? slightly deranged? simple? complicated?

or like me just plain ol' in need of a super long long holiday ...should do the take three weeks off back to back thing i did 2yrs ago...or even better take a even longer break when i strike toto? life all we need is hope!

with that in mind i was thinkg about my friends' runs like there's no 2mr...another posts pic of himself for himself to look at(did i mention zi lian kuang?) sits on the royal throne in the bathroom and comes up with philosophical takes pictures of pretty flowers and gives thanks to her ex-bf among other likes to wax lyrical on all things complains abt life and love and work and not striking toto....well that's just what they write about...but who are they really? gotta read betw the lines....and i'm glad i've got this varied assortment of kakis...makes my life more interesting too...

so pray tell...what do you read from here? heh..=P

April 01, 2007


what happens when I leave the window open and go out?
the wind blows strongly when it rains or the little birdies outside decide to hop in for a snook around?

i come home to discover that it's broken =(

i've had it with me for almost all shattered in bits and pieces on the's not spectacularly beautiful but it was a nice & sweet gift.... now it's place is in the bin...irrepairable....irreplaceable...lost...gone....

March 31, 2007

windows to the soul?

It's been a long work week...getting more n more tired as each day passes.
Not looking fwd to the next 2 wks...feel a headache coming on just thinking about it...shackadoodoo...

Made an apptm to go for lasik evaluation, see if i'm suitable or not...i suspect my degree not stable enough and the nature of my work my not help either...friends tell me might lose contrast...lasik effects may not be permanent (esp. if continue staring at 4screens daily) ...then there are those who've done it and say it's so liberating, best thing they've done, such a joy to throw all the contact lens/solutions/specs away..........we'll see how it goes...undecided as yet.....test already then say........can get 5days mc wor!! .....isn't sad when the prospect of getting mc to rest sounds good? hiaz...

thank god for the wkend again...if only sat/sun lasts longer....

March 28, 2007

Good read..

Just finished chapter 1, 35pages out of a very thick 933 pages novel and am liking it already. It's promising to be one of those darn good reads we come across once in a long long time...
It's been awhile since i've been so entertained. wish i can hole up in some remote resort for 3days and read it straight through.

i thought this was quite well put:

The past reflects eternally between two mirrors - the bright mirror of words and deeds, and the dark one, full of things we didn't do or say.

March 25, 2007

a rather long rant...

coupla things got me thinking this wkend...

a fren asked me a v succinct question
Q:" what do you do best?"
A:" er..'nothing?' ha!"
Q:" which other industry would your skills be easily transferable to?"
A:" ***blank*** :-
it didn't help that my nagging headache wldn't go away and i actually started to feel abit nauseous after awhile....didn't wana do a merlion so thot better go home swallow panadol and lie down for awhile...heh...felt much better after an hour or so.

am almost thru with a dalai lama book "the art of happiness at work"....well i wldn't say it gave much insight, more of reinforcement of what i already knew deep down inside...

maybe i'd b more satisfied working as a vet's assistant for 1/3 my current pay? anybody know any generous/kind hearted vets who will let me muck arnd and learn the ropes even tho' i ain't got the requisite papers? maybe i'll hang in my job for a year and do this totally different thing as a break...maybe i can do it on my wkends even now? hmm..

maybe i'd feel better if i got lasik done and i can actually see better and not constantly have this focusing problem (4 screens at work sure doesn't help with stabilising myopia)'s starting to get to me.

maybe i'd have more fun if i had a doggie which i can name mugly (as in the laughing dog in the hanna babara cartoon)...but itz really too much work, so maybe i'll just play with other people's pets and pretend m the happy owner for the day. maybe i shld get myself a rich guy to pay for all my whims and fancies..heh..ya right...=P

sun nite, the end of the weekend, i rested well (tho' i feel i can rest somemore) , i got marinated and it felt ooh sooo gd (i should do this everyweek)
feeling rather hopeful ... in the grand scheme of things, i have it quite gd...
altho' m rather certain this feeling will fade come a few hrs into monday ...*bleah*...

March 23, 2007

Paris Je Taime

just watched this rather interesting show, a collection of poignant stories of sorts.
there were...
le mime, le femme mime, le son with the oversized bag/specs, le vampire, le frodo, le cool dude who doesn't speak french, le funny chubby americano postlady, le oscar wilde...

~le pea~

magic muffins?

smoking too much magic mushrooms make your brains turn to i know? coz i have to work with some of these figures if you can have magic mushroom muffins easily in the country, most of the kids would grow up abit 'off'...and not all muffins r created equal, so some are definitely more 'off' then others...

~ yet another random nonsensical bitching session by pea ~

wanted to blog this on clubnarc but somehow doesn't work .... so unfrenly...=(

March 18, 2007

no sign of labour..

walking down busy orchard road on a saturday.....2 dudes walking along...nothing unusual about it...look closely at the words on the white t-shirt.

Unless my sekolah has upped the age limit and introduced foreign talents to their 'vjc tennis' squad, I think this dude has taken recycling to another level...unless i 'wo huei' and this fella is actually the coach? hmm..could b oso hor?

March 14, 2007


I applaude my enterpreneur fren, jia you jia you, you will succeed big big!

Luck and fortune favours the brave and well prepared.
I think can be rather brave, but currently I don't have a plan and hence am not prepared.

The restlessness is growing, the tu-lan-ness was probably written all over my face the past 2days prompting my collg to ask me:"ey, if u hv other plans, must tell me ok? don't quietly quietly ah..."
You can imagine my regret when i reply :"boh la, si mi plan, boh plan (yet) la"
How i wish my answer was different.

Corrinne may resonates with her tune:
" I can be free
I can be free from this place
Beautiful healer
Beautiful grace
Help me to see
Everything fall into place (<---very very impt siah)
Wake me from dreaming
No more deceiving
Break these chains " (<-- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

In another tune she pleads:
"I promise you
The answer will come
Hold on to patience
And watch for the signs (<-- my eyes n ears n heart r wide open)
Everything in it's time
Everything in it's time"

March 11, 2007

here chewy boy...heel!

Last nite i had a vivid dream ( i seldom dream)...too bad it wasn't 4 numbers...
i dreamt I had a cute lil' black retriever puppy...who in a very strange scooby-doo kind of cartoon way told me his name was 'chewy', and in my dream, i was quite glad to bring lil' chewy for a stroll arnd the neighbourhood...

am i going nuts?

i tink blogspot getting posts take more than 24hrs to appear..

March 06, 2007

Pea doing the superman pose

video courtesy of uncle tan...who on hindsight should have looked to his right ...he might have seen the manta (which eluded all of us, so we fight current for nothing) that played with his bubbles and only the DM saw lor...

check out the speed of my bubbles manz....just slightly lose to maratua only....
actually i thot he was taking picture, as i was busy looking all arnd me, happen to turn to his direction and pose somemore..haa

March 04, 2007

sotong cuttlefish & lighted asses

oh ya...our dive boat crew jumped in the water and used his bare arms to scoop this ill-fated cuttlefish....was on the surface and king treng spotted it...think it became the boatcrew's's the size of the pail lor...
we also went to see fireflies (ok ok quite sua ku) but did i didn't realise that on closer inspection, the lil' insects look like like mini ca-chuak's with lighted ass...quite pictures tho' as they are quite camera shy...tho' the whole bunch of them on a tree was a delightful sight...maybe thatz where the concept of christmas tree lights came about?

March 03, 2007

Private Performer P?

Your Blogging Type Is the Private Performer
Your blog is your stage - with your visitors your adoring fans.At least, that's how you write with your witty one liners.And while you like attention, you value your privacy.You're likely to have an anonymous blog - or turn off comments.

aye aye red eye...

Today at cityhall mrt ...quite this uncle who was feeling unwell and sweating profusely and could hardly stand properly...some commuters helped support him and led him to sit down, i went to get station ctrl staff but someone already told them and they rushed to his aid. Not sure what happened next guess they'd probably call an ambulance, hope the guy is alright. I jumped on the next train for my long journey home.

my eyes are smarting from all the screen staring the past 4days at work...and i hv broken capillaries in my left eye coz i rubbed too hard one zonked out look literally quite blood shot and shack....

sooo glad it's the's been a long week...from nearly missing our flight in philippines on sun (we made it amazing race style) to long hours grudgingly hitting the daily grind....

February 26, 2007

my grainy whaleshark video

watch n listen carefully and u can hear the heavy breathing that accompanies the shooting of the video, and you will get a sense of how 'siong' and 'chuan' it is to swim after the gentle beast.

(Dunno why the video embedding got probs, doesn't work...hmm...too tired to figure out now...settle later)

February 17, 2007

work in progress

packing in progress...many many things to bring...1/2 pack...1/2 watch drama on tv...still got time to blog...multi tasker i am...

m going diving!...yay...hope it'll be good....hope we'll get to see what we are travelling so far to see.....hope the king won't be too noisy (the fella disrupted my blissful sleep at ask me silly questions) *hiaz*

February 15, 2007


Ze end of valentine's hot hamsom sexy lover... =(
neh mind ....ming tian(or nian?) huei geng hao...ha

but dating agency fren got offer to intro guy to me *roll pea sized eyeballs* doesn't she ever learn?

watched funny jack neo show...anyone who ever worked in a corporate environment will b able to relate, actually reminded me of a certain cover ca-ching dept at my ex-bank..

i particularly like the hokkien sprouting macdonald auntie and the translator for the tang kee...sibeh geh gian...

looking fwd to holiday...even my folks also beat me to more ai xin dinners for next few days...but got 'duty' to do at home.
got fren jio go learn akido...i shall tink abt it usual my nuahness is dam powderful one...takes quite alot of overcome it...not that i'm trying...

February 03, 2007

The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind = a nice aromatic cup of kopi

The Daily Grind also = Dragging myself thru a numbing day at work.

So far everyday I need my cup of daily grind to get me thru' the daily grind.

Didn't used to depend on kopi, but now functioning on caffiene from mondays to fridays.

For weekends tho', surprisingly no need, like now, enjoying my cup of caffeine free vanilla honey camomile drink. relax relax shiok shiok...

Can also see i obviously quite boh-liao, but then again my frenz say must have picture, then more interesting..

February 01, 2007

dollars & sense

today happen to take mrt home w a few colleagues from other dept...some of them got their bonus letter....apparently all comes w minor pay adjustments...

earlier last week, boss told me when they discussed bonus payout i wasn't confirmed yet so i wasn't allocated any, but he's fighting for me...(wat the f**k?) , c'mon la 3mths out of a year as a permanent staff and u dun have my name on the list??? si mi wa ko sai meaning? I know who the stingy poker is...fatso in HK....somemore heard that my division got pay freeze this yr....lagi sai! what logic....

after hearing some news hear n there, m beginning to think that the pple making decisions here ah...oso function like the screwed up mgmt at the alumni...if i they dun pay out this time, it'll be worse next yr....hired a few more big-pay-cheque-all talk-but cannot work fatsos who being hungry big fatsos will eat up major share of MY pie!! >=( this deal ain't wat i signed up for!

my grandpapa(may he rest in peace) used to say in hokkien "zhap ey bui ey wu gao ey gong eh"....after seeing the new guy (not)work, i tink he's confirm one of the 9 out of 10...haa....
Don't worry fata, u r not one of them..heh...

ze lil pea's prospects doesn't look v good at the moment...could b the lack of light at this midnite hr....i tink m in a tunnel going somewhere, but i m not sure coz i can't see shit...

so in the meantime, m hoping...n praying...n wishing...

January 28, 2007

sunday musings...

time: sunday, 2.15pm
location: home
activity: nuah
company: tv n laptop.

i love wkends, i enjoy the downtime, i really shld do some exericse, but itz too much work so guess i'll do it 2mr. ahhh...why must wkends only b 2 fast jan drawing to a close....

i am happy for my chin-dian fren who just got hitched, i heard he's been wanting to settle down for v long the dinner i realised why my dating agency fren is 'happy, just happy' as her msn tagline says.....i also am v glad for another dive kaki that she looks postively more radiant and happier ....i must visit her hair dresser....seems like that is the key =P

later go hsewarming nice to have your own the prices high like siow...can only beo and lau nuah...

January 21, 2007


Ahh...i feel betta, nothing like the wkend, some downtime to get me there.

watched Babel, the director took 2hr 20min to tell a story, of which my fren and I didnt' really get...=P tho' she insisted itz still alot betta than Borat.

then yummy dinner at Sun & Moon, i ordered the cha soba and honey pork ribs (ooooh sooo goood) that comes w a layer of melt-in-your-mouth fats!(ah ben sure like one) Well, i usually dun eat fats 'neat' but this is dam good! and like they say au'naturale is betta than transfat! heh. ok my photography skills need much improvement but u get the picture.
checked my mail n i'm going bali for a wedding in May and the rooms r paid for! woo hoo! steady la! another trip to look fwd to despite the fact i'm usually not v big on weddings..but hey if i get a holiday w it why the heck not...maybe i shld book the spa in advance..heh...
ok...another 1/2 of a sunday to enjoy before itz dreaded monday to the pool pea goes...

January 17, 2007

life shld b more than this...

this week so far so good..considering in day out........clock in clock out......abit restless maciam everyday waiting for somethg wonderful n unusual to happen...would love to make things happen if i knew what 1st la...dun hv a clue...thot maybe go buy toto but the q dam long so didn't wana wait.

there must b more to life than this...but i currently dunno what n dunno how... =
how to make it an extraordinary life? sometimes i think it won't matter coz i'll be gone someday...but it must at least mean somethg ey?

In the absence of a grand master plan for myself, i can only look forward myopically to trips for the year...
CNY donsol, oh pls let it be good...
May day kaleebso food fest...
Aug - bonjour paris? maybe maybe..
Dec - oh pls can i be on holiday somewhr nice on my bday..that will b the bestest.

January 13, 2007

rain rain go away...

Tis a rainy sat.....pissing rain...the kind that won't stop until dunno when.
suppose to go blading...plans change in favour of hanging out in town for makan n kopi...then plans change again coz pea would rather nuah n not fight the rain to go out of ulu home without the comfort of a vehicle.

met my ex-bank alumni for dinner...
cow's eager to move on to new experiences n learning...
33's quite miserable at her current plc after only 1 week...
mama look like lost weight n quite tired...
11's missing in action coz stuck at work on a fri must b feeling rather cham and LL oso...
miss W & miss V the only few left with valid memberships at the jap club...trying to confuse the poor waiter who look like he might concuss anytime...

me...feeling rather numb with work...glad that a very horrible 2wks r over for right next week can relak jack n slack abit...coz i boh zeng-huu again...but then kena bomb....gotta show this MBA graduate intern what we do (indian dude from angmoh country..i tink london ah..not sure next wk then ask him)
So how? blind leading the blind loh...i only there 3mths...can't exactly teach him much maybe i smoke him abit here n there then ask him go fly kite n dun disturb.

oh...wat can i do if i don't work in a bank?...=(
i need some inspiration...i need a sign....i need a million bucks from toto....

January 09, 2007

tour de singapura

round the island in 14hrs...starting at 6am (walau last time go sekolah then wake up so darn early siah)
home -> airport -> bukit timah -> clementi -> cheena town -> orchard -> parkway -> katong -> siglap -> home sweet home.... i tink i know how eugene feels to be stuck w chy for whole day...(aiyoh...shack ley) =P

along the way drop in and visit my friend and her 2 'daughters'...see how much she has grown...n she aint' done yet...

January 07, 2007

Pea Kiao Kah...Again...

Today I did dam alot of cleaning...
i vacuumed and bathed natalie (itz a car) chy u r buying me brekkie...
i tidied and packed my wardrobe
i cleared a corner of my room (more to go, amazing the junk we collect over the years)
i wiped and wiped a whole lot of dust off my table and shelf tops (Itz amazing the amt of dust collected over a few mths...or maybe it has been more than a yr? =P)
i changed and washed the curtains...
so after a long hard day, there's nothing like putting up my tired feet and zone out in front of the idiot box and wait for my well earned dinner....ahhhhh

I waited from 7pm till 9.15pm before dinner arrived, by then i didn't quite dare get up on my feet coz might just peng san la!

January 01, 2007

2007 day numero uno.

New year fast...

gathering w family & frenz and 2 smell-durian-will-salivate-&-go-crazy terriers.

gd healthy start to the new yr...blading....
my polar tells me i burnt 800+ calories.. wah...dunno zhun or not...jog usually dam chuan only burn 300+...blading less effort...burn so much meh? do not underestimate butt n leg muscles..

Tis' was quite a nice new yr eve countdown gathering ...altho' not v familar w many of them...ah boy was wasted n puked and went arnd hugging everyone and kissed me on my cheek coz some dude dared her...and she had to prove her breath =P LY got proposed to and will be getting married.

Listened in on interesting conversation involving religion, philosophy, aliens, astrology, the great pyramids, the mysterious undiscovered possiblities of the mind, and oh live longer must wear lacy underwear! haaa....go figure. =O