December 30, 2006

counting down to 2007...

It's been a rather taxing end to 2006...

busy like mad when it's supposed to be yr end relak mode for most pple
in the midst of the busyness taiwan earth quake damages cables and us who are reliable on bloomberg kena stuck. The service was finally restored at 6pm on thur...which meant me staying at work till 9.30pm..wah lau..the pea is not used to doing overtime loh...not gd for the mental state...

A visit to my doc confirmed my fears...i gotta be back on meds again ...dam shit...just when i thot i was in the all clear...guess unless i go hole up for months in a moutain or beach resort and like eat organic , drink mountain water....and meditate for hrs a day.....i think i gotta take meds for awhile la...hiaz...

i actually signed up for gym but ended up wasting much of the initial month far only managed to go for one class...and mostly just laugh at the teacher coz i cannot balance in those funny yoga poses....somemore now aching from the effort...kns

wasted my time this week taking yet another silly futures test..i didn't clear it la..what they ask is not what they have in the book loh.....guess not much future for me .... :
i think i don't take failure v well ah...feel quite shitty...machiam suddenly not as shmart as i thot i was....duhhhh...

fren of mine set up a dating agency...personally i dun believe in paying money to meet pple but i do wish them well in their if anyone interested can visit Just say pea refer one...maybe got discount (actualy i not sure..anyhow say one..haa)

ah well...hope 2007 will b a much brighter year....looking fwd to somemore trips..

December 25, 2006

budding picassos...

This xmas i got a picture of a scary looking guy bringing flowers to me (hope next yr got real one..but want hamsom one...haa)

And i sat still for a couple of minutes for pea's caricature to be drawn (personally i tink oso look quite scary!)

December 24, 2006

rainy xmas season

This xmas..really no xmas mood ley...end of yr rainy weather...

stuff learnt from a young cousin:
"Jingle bells ...jingle bells... batman smells..."

apparently got full lyrics to this...according to some who r comics fans...

December 18, 2006

I donch get it.

Last fri was at MOS. must say the place rather large la. But besides the retro sounds of studio 54 the rest of the music I dun get. >=| (think must b the age factor..haa)....and there were largely loads of pple hanging round alternating between trying to look cool and looking largely why bother going there in the 1st place? i dun get it.

The hen was a very high and happy and sporting bride. She gladly did the dares while wearing a veiled hairband. Dares consisted of:

1. Get two guys to give you a kiss on each side of your cheek.
2. Get a guy to bare his bottom for you.
3. Get a guy to do a body shot off you.
4. Do a body shot off a guy.
5. Get a guy(s) to give you 2 of his unused condoms (must be of different brands
or type if it is of the same brand).
6. Find a bald guy and pole dance around him.
7. Get a guy aged between 20-25yrs to buy you a drink.
8. Find a guy with body tattoo and get him to take off his shirt to show you.

She surprised all of us by doing ALL the dares without any problem. Guess being pretty and high (pretty high?) helped as the guyz were pretty game when approached.

The thing is........she's getting married right? so we r all happy for her la....but as the bride why the hell do u hafta kena tekan-ed? V fun meh? I donch get this either.

December 13, 2006

more weddings...

today euroline/chygene got hitched...1st time i see my fren act demure in a super tight cheongsum dress (so matching w the pink/white color angpow i
"kuup" from ex-bank that i gave her for gd luck..haa)...she had to coz cldn't actually move/talk/eat much in it.....hope they enjoy a well deserved holiday in LA. Of all countless weddings i've attended this must've been one of the most chop chop ones.

soooo glad to b home b4 the sun set today, had time to actually get some rest. The cold virus is not leaving me quite alone yet tho. Feeling abit woozy now actually, not sure if itz the walking arnd in circles in Ikea/thot of having 2more days of work/lookg at the 2 books on my table n disgustingly reminding myself i gotta study it to take yet more tests....*bleh*...just wanna get it over n done w b4 the year is up.

in this condition, i want nothing more then to head home n konk out manz...but got another fren having some hen nite thingy on fri...*hiaz* ...the good thing is the organisers decided not to order the 2 bottles of liquor liao, having realised that some of us (crystal or no crystal) are hopeless at drinking and so wld be appalled to have to pay that much for stuff we dun care to drink...hee.

December 11, 2006

3 decades and counting

hit the three-ooh and crossed over to the darker side. ha.
doesn't feel like a big deal as some make it out to be.

what happens the 1st week at work after turning 30? the pea falls sick...
must the the 'sa-liap-liew-lian-hooot" that did me in....jeez and it wasn't any good anyways...nabei...not quite worth it....

i shld sleep...but i tink i shall go drink barley and watch dvd...
then again maybe not...maybe shld really go sleep...m aching all over...must b the age...*hiaz*

December 04, 2006

Groovy baby....

looks like some pple haven't lost their mojo...haha...
this is the dude i report to...v different from his more serious 'look' at work.

December 03, 2006

hot pea...needs a holiday...

You know how when you meet some pple, there are sparks. Well today...i met that someone....unfortunately, i didn't in my wildest dreams expect the guy to be in his 60s =O

M refering to the qigong master again..haa....he held my neck n my fren literally saw a bright spark!....I didn't know i was sooooo "HOT"......loh..hahahaha.
Apparently i dun drink enuff H2O and my skin's way to dry. I am still feeling some of the prickly static now just thinking abt it. =|

talking to PY on msn and I am just reminded of a fabulous diving holiday not too many yrs ago...sangalaki it was...chilling out on the seabed...watching the mantas majestic in flight...cock fren singing bday song to me underwater thru' regulator...which is quite amazing la..he is noisy even underwater...I told myself then that i shld spent every bday if possible on a holiday....sigh...looks like gonna have to take a raincheck this yr. Ming nian huei gen hao! =)