August 29, 2007


Blogs will be even less updated now that our lil' community has discovered facebook. Most of stuff in there are quite useless actually but can be rather are you on facebook?

August 23, 2007

hanging tough

wah..dam shack ley...cannot go on like this ....colleagues taking turns to go on leave....think about it already dam siong...i feel physically ill today manz....i think m also too juak plus the added work load today didn't help.......aching all over .....mentally n physically super tired.....
Can't imagine slogging like this till 62yrs old..wait itz 65? cannot la...anybody got any better bright ideas?...

August 18, 2007

single emo pea

emo pea's gonna bitch again...freaking tough past 2 days man with the markets in free fall mode and one colleague on leave. Running around like a monkey and not getting the the end of friday felt like just sat through intense 8hr exam like dat..brain cramped, eyes strained, neck and back aching like mad....

plus i got a call from the organiser of the palau trip saying that a dec trip looks highly workable. Happy at first until i find out that the catch is i should try to find myself a room mate coz the rest are all even numbered so easier to split cost if they should wanna charter the whole boat. My thinking is what is this big deal about having the whole boat to ourselves?? As it is, a 7confirmed person booking would make us the majority on the boat already, why give ourselves the headache of trying to find the extra 5 pax and esp 2 who are willing to pay alot more for the bigger state room?

Plus my peeve is that if I'm freaking gonna pay like more than 4K to go for this trip, why should I have to bother about finding myself a roomie?? I don't have an issue rooming w another guest what...i just wanna go dive n enjoy myself.... I'm a F.I.T (free independent traveller)...being single my fault is it? (ok itz partly my fault but i neh had to pay a price for it until now and i'm v sore abt the whole thing)

Was just flipping newspapers just now and i don't get it but why do all the new condo developments look the same? it's like they all came out of the same design firm using the same glass and steel materials. If I as a buyer is gonna pay like 1mio or more (wish i have that kind of money now) to buy the place, then it at least better have something special or unique about it. It REALLY all looks the same! and it's beginning to look alot like HK! eeeks...

I'm emo today..everything seems to bug me...the cool weather is the only respite...

ohhhh great..the ktv 'chao-siah' aunty in the opposite house is at it again...she needs her own sound proof box she can actually hear how bad she is...

August 12, 2007

hanging out...

Went in early to work at the F place on national day knowing that I had alot of trades that need to be handled. Arrived at 7.30am only to find out to my irritation that my staff pass does not allow me entry on public holidays!! and who can i call for help at this time in the morning when it seems like i'm the only one there??...basically woke up at least 3 colleagues trying to get hold of the mobile phone number of the facilities dude whom the security guard said has already arrived n is somewhere in the building (so helpful loh).

Finally managed to get in at 8am. Applied for approval to have my staff pass access extended to 24hrs ( i had to apply loh, like i want to work on wkends loh, doesn't make sense loh)....Was told since i am not required to work night shifts, they only programmed a mon-fri access for me. Wah lau. Think after i sompa that i will not steal the company arowanas and stingrays, they shld grant me the access la. like hellooooo..some common sense here??

Anyway realised that 'maria's job actually quite tiring and time consuming ah...must wash clothes...hang clothes...keep clothes..iron clothes....vacuum floor...mop floor...wah seh...where got time??

At least we all had a gd dinner gathering last evening...shabu shabu + lamb shank + chicky wings (which my neighbourhood stealth feline theives seem to savour) + batalong salad( at least I thot of a balanced diet)....Conversation was interesting and mostly rather loud, ranging from silly property gay smurfs...electric company...muppets...(it's scary how much some can remember)...weird and problematic frens .....emoteens.....emopea (i still dun get it, i where got emo lah) and my famous american time story was again repeated for the benefit of the uninitiated....

August 06, 2007

9 years...9 lives?

forgot to invest in toto today, totally slipped my mind. did anyone win the 5.5mio jackpot? website taking too long to load ah. Hope at least some friends won something?

been quite a choboh weekend. very chill...v relaxing...until i started thinking of the work week then not so chill...not so relaxed.

Time really's 9 yrs since graduation among other things. On the one hand doesn't quite feel like it's been so long, on the other, I sure feel darn jaded. Am I the only one? So much has happened, yet I feel i can't remember alot of stuff. I dunno whether is it the time warp feeling or just a case of aging braincells. Think more of the latter. If we all had a chance to do it all again, would we still make the same choices? I think so. We are the sum of all our choices and experiences....there is of course plenty of room for improvement but I think by and large I am pretty happy with myself =) aren't we all? heh..anyway...
Think I shouldn't ponder so much at this late hour ah, must preserve those greying cells...

August 02, 2007

Angelic vacation

I think my guardian angel took leave today ah.
I hope she's back with me tomorrow.

August 01, 2007

Penny for my thots

It's been a crazy week, dad had a minor health scare but thankfully a colon scope showed that all was clear. Now that i've just sent them off to the airport for their 3week French vacation, I actually have the whole place to myself. Can relax? nooooooo....gotta do his work for him while he is away. Talk about O.T. Spent the last few days fussing and briefing. As if the poor pea isn't stressed enough at work, come home still cannot relax. =(

heard ex-alumni boss quit from the B place, woah, kinda changes things for my 2 kaki's who joined him there. Guess it goes to show that nothing is for certain and change really is the only constant. As much as i feel for them, can't help but agree with 11 that it's a blessing in disguise for us that we didn't end up joining.

Today at work, also got near miss, luckily managed to resolve rather quickly. I really think my guardian angel is doing a darn good job. Looking at all things in totality, I am made aware of a more powerful hand directing events/things in my life. Just the other day, I nearly strike starter prize for 4D, miss by 1 digit only. It's as if 'someone' is saying, hey i know what you are wishing for, but am showing you that you still need to work for it and there's no free lunch. Then again, it ain't gonna stop me from investing in thur's 2.8mio toto jackpot la. You'd neh know loh.

Even the old Bali medicine man also said to me :' pls don't lose your job'. So guess i'd still hafta work at it for some time yet. This same cracko dude also says i'll be rich by 40...(wooo hooo!) so I gotta hang on for the ride. He also said:" you are not just a smart girl, you are a VERY smart girl!" Waaahhh..haaa.....=P

A quote I came across this week:" the most efficient energy saving device is a rich husband". hmmm....