February 26, 2009

Not that into you.

Today I read an ebook at work. it's a short ebook...all of 81 pages...quite funny too....of the 8-10hours i spend at work, between big blocks of efficient work there are pockets where i used to be able to connect with the outside world (via msn) but now that my life-link has been cut off, i can just stare intently at the screen (reading the ebook...heh).

work is still work and needs to get done, my probs collg is still and will always remain an idiot, i think he can't help it, it's in infused in his blood and i suspect there are pockets of dead space n air in that brain of his, the neurons just don't seem to connect.

at the end of the day i look at our trade blotters and i still have easily double or more trades than he does....i do the admin......my unofficial title is 'structured product term sheet repackager'.........the role is so impt they can't do without me, even when i take 2 days off ....the work is left untouched coz only I have the superhero power to do it, i promptly answer queries.......i feel at times that my team is I and I am my team.......becoz of the unequal distribution of shifts, i end up working longer hrs when someone is on leave......boss has finally realised this and said i can come in 30mins later tomorrow (WOW! somebody buy 4D quick *bleah*)

we don't know where this ship is heading or even if this ship can sustain sailing on it's own, so really what's the point in complaining (officially).......our days might be numbered.....so i can only complain unofficially to those who care to listen (or read) via emails to kakis (since cannot msn) or via this page.....

And despite all this, i still manage to read an ebook at work......