January 31, 2008

shedding round 2

ok now that i got some colour back, i'm peeling again....i think i might've been a snake in a past life...

January 26, 2008

Anything but sedate...

what a roller coaster week at work, as it is, 2 person shouldering 4 persons work was already siong enough, throw in the crazy week the stock markets had this week, it's a real formula for exhaustion. I was working up to my eyeballs trying to keep afloat, even the good news boss had for me ended up to be a rather non-event as i really didn't have time to sit down n digest it. i think he went away thinking that i'm probably not a very appreciative person.

The week was further marred by the re-emergence of an old health problem that is like a stumbling block that drags me down. Just when i think i'm getting better it rears it's ugly head. It's frustrating and I only wish there was a quick fix solution to make it go away for good. I don't think quitting is a solution and the only thing is to try to 'take things easy'. well as we all know that is easier said than done and character wise, I don't think i can do it la, i'm abit more 'im-cheem' and proud to act an idiot at work, i already have to handle my fair share of those dudes.

*yawn*.....i'm just back from my slowest 20 lap swim ever...trying to exercise and soak in some sun while not jacking up the heartrate. I think being under flourescent lighting and facing 4 radiation-emitting screens all day is making me look rather pale and greenish. So today was good, at least i think i got some colour back...

January 20, 2008


i've been advised by my doctor to re-evaluate my life and perhaps migrate to australia or new zealand and/or opt for a more sedate/sedantary lifestyle, probably at the cost of lower pay in order to gain better health. I think I'm sedate enough, anymore sedate i'd be six feet under. Besides, I find it hard to envision any job that has zero stress. Think the only way to go about it is to not work at all. For that however, i'd need money, which means i gotta find someway to strike toto/marry well. Either of those options materialising, might actually cause me to have a heart attack, which essentially means a different type of stress, so.....not really solving the problem either ey? =P

January 08, 2008


I'm shedding. Shedding dry flaky skin. Snakes shed their skin when they outgrow it. Does this mean I'm growing taller? (probably just wider) . I look like I have a bad case of whole body dandruff. Gotta avoid wearing black for awhile. It's 'snowing' at pea's plc but it's nowhere near as cold. haaa...=P

January 04, 2008

happy 2008!

m back from a 3wk vacation to LA. Didn't quite make enough money in vegas thatz why have to come back to this life...haa..
trying to adjust back to the humidity with my nose blocked and fighting jet lag, been staring my computer for the past 2hours while stealing glances at my comfy bed (eyeballs aching from the multi tasking)...but noooo...gotta tahan till tonite.

Tis was a rather chill out (10-15degrees weather) trip with quite abit of shopping n eating thrown in for good measure. I even ambitiously brought my running shoes which i got to use all of ONCE in the 3 weeks..heh...ok ok maybe twice...2nd time coz i used it to go up bear mountain to go tube-bing...quite fun. For the most part the daily most challenging thing i had to do was figure out when to brave the temperature n take a shower. Now that i'm back to a brand new year...gotta start planning things to look fwd to eh? kaleebso? when??????? safari when???? strike lottery when????

Merry xmas n a happy new 2008 everyone. Huat ah! =)