February 26, 2008

where will pea go?

It's done it's done...after some anxious hrs waiting on the part of a kanchiong papa pea....pea's ulu home is sold today....so in 3mths....pea's home of the last 19yrs will be no more a 'home' to pea. Quite sad actually, will definitely miss this place....will make the most of it before we move..... A foodie gathering is in order.....date to be confirmed....let it all sink in first....thank you to my 'adopted' dad for a job well done. As a true blue fisherman would say "nab shot!" ;)

in the essence of this mantra a good friend once lived by "what will pea do?"
it's now a question of "where will pea go?" ...

February 24, 2008


change is in the air.....
i think this yr is a yr full of new surprises and changes......carpe diem should be the rule to live by.....on a different note, kena 'pep talk' by mama pea today....she was thinking out loud that she's worried that i might grow old alone. said it's best to have a partner or failing that to stay with a good friend. (i was thinking can keep a pet dog what..heh..but thought i'd better keep that thought to myself) . She also said i should take action n be abit aggressive (**grrrrr*** : !!!) haa... that boys nowadays won't do the chasing, so if i see someone i like i should make the first move....(i think I need a club to clobber the guy n drag him back to my cave or somethg?...)
all this just when i thought my folks were pretty cool with things...ah well.....if i start calling u guys, don't panic ok? maybe i just need room and board when i'm old....

February 13, 2008

Happy Ren Ri!

Was one of the first few hundred on the s'pore flyer...so lucky hor, those corporates really paid an exorbitant amount for clients to go up n loh hei high up in the sky in capsules with funky blue lighting which makes all the food look rather unappetising.

Lion dance in office today was rather entertaining, the lion spat out the vege which nearly hit me so means I should have super duper good luck this yr....huat ah!

February 07, 2008

of stairs n casinos....

Gong hey fatt choy!
It's now 12noon on the 1st day of CNY. I'm sitting at my desk at work. The only one here in this bank that is spread over at least 6 floors.
Been here since 8am, have finished archiving emails, re-writing my messy address book, ate my cup noodles, tv is on, nothing much to watch, got cable but only those news channels so not very helpful either. Received one phonecall that is some weird cheena recorded message, so i just hang up. Normally wouldn't log in at work, but i've got 4more hours to go.....so might as well do something.

Couple of nights ago, I again had a damn weird dream. Wanted to blog about it but couldn't find time till now.
I dreamt me and at least 2 others (faceless in the dream, not sure who) were leaving my ex-collg house warming gathering. Instead of taking the lift, we took the stairs instead. As we got nearer to ground level, the look of the flats started to change, from very new, pleasant looking clean flats to dunk and musty, dark looking staircase landings and old old wooden doors. Remember feeling rather un-nerved in the dream so made haste down the stairs.

Finally got to the last series of steps and it ended with a door. When i opened the door, i saw before me a huge room, kinda like below me, in a huge pit sort of. And the best part is, this room is full of pple, it's actually a casino!!! And there were no steps to get down to it, so instead you gotta kinda take a leap and sort of glide weightless over the people's heads and land somewhere near the front glass doors. Then the dream ended or at least that's what i can recall. Haaa...Dam weird.

February 04, 2008


M glad the day is over, it was busy and frustrating ....frustratingly busy?.......but at least i feel exonerated. Ming nian hui gen hao, huat ah!.

February 02, 2008

Pissed & mentally pernad pea

it's already almost 1am....i'm still feeling unsettled from my work day, which ended up being really messy and irritating. Made a couple of error judgement calls which landed myself in a rushing and juggling act to handle 2 parties of visitors and got myself involved in a trade issue which really shouldn't have been picked up by me in the 1st place. *grrrrrrrrrr* Maybe i'm just looking for someone to blame (probs collg of course who else n today feel like blaming boss n broker also) or i'm really losing my better sense of judgement n concentration. Maybe it's like what i heard once, you can be good at something that is not right for you. I just need a break from all this crap. It really shouldn't be so complicated n stressful loh. I can't decide if I feel more irritated or maligned, just feel like wah lau dam 'bu zhi de'.

As for bonus, at least i got some, but pardon me for appearing ungrateful for i feel that the 'cost' personally for me is too high. So that's why i don't feel the least bit ecstatic. Haiz.....how to make things better? I think there are pple who, unlike me, are totally stress-free and they are oblivious to the stress/extra load that the pple around them have to bear to compensate for their perpetual ignorance-is-bliss state.

To quote an ex-teacher, i feel abit like i'm 'caught between the devil and the deep blue sea'. Of course, being a diver, i'd choose the deep blue sea. Think it's time for a trip soon. I need to block out this world even for just a little while. Thank goodness for the wkend!