September 30, 2007

xiao peng you...

Since i'm bloggin, must as well add this story....especially for the benefit of those frens in foreign lands who might find comfort in lil' references of home...=) u know who u r so pls leave a comment.haa

last sat i waited rather long under the hot afternoon sun for a taxi, it finally came and as i got in the conversation got a lil ' strange and comical :"
cabbie:"miss, do u feel warm?"
me:"yes, it's quite hot outside"
cabbie:"strange ley, i don't feel anything"
me:" ??? errr...ya i waited quite long in the sun so quite hot"
(i'm thinking at this pt that this dude abit strange ley)

After asking me for my destination and preferred route,
cabbie:" don't need to go school today ah"?
me:"???? errr no need, i already many years don't need to go school already" (anyway it's a freaking wkend and i was dressed in tshirt and denium skirt with my sunnies on loh)
cabbie:" oh shi ma?! ni kan qi lai hai siang xiao peng you lei"
me: " =0 "

at this point i concluded that this dude is definitely weird so just ignore him and stare out the window until i reached my destination...

Drooly P... it's 12.30 am in the morning and the effects have worn off and the panadol has kicked in. I'm feeling drowsy but that's normal. 3hrs ago we all had some new zealand rose wine that lao pa bought, it tasted alright, luckily i had only a few small sips...thought it was just me since i can't drink but my heart was pounding darn fast and a sickening headache came over me...while i gulped water and complained...lao pa n my parallel universe friend also started getting headaches. It definitely was something in the wine.

It took quite awhile ...i had to drink more water and like ben favourite saying 'lie down for awhile'....whole body felt dam heavy....limbs felt heavy to move...brain activity slowed to a crawl..even eye blinking was slower than what i was used to. As i lay on the sofa on my side, i felt that if i breathed through my mouth, ie. left my mouth open, i think i would've drooled....I think this must be what it feels like to be stoned or stooopid or both. Of course tis' quite a new experience for me...haha....a fren has told me that i've become more impatient and edgy so moving so slow and stoopidly definitely wasn't my style...

Only "lao ma" felt perfectly fine....either she's immune to whatever substance was in the wine or she's a freaking alcoholic effect whatsoever la...well done...

September 22, 2007

Tau Kwa ?

This week met up with a friend i haven't met in many months, his daughter is already almost 1yr old. How time flies. At the same lunch, another fren came to distribute her wedding invites. much things can change and develop in the span of less than a year. I am happy for her and do indeed see a change, she's alot more open and easier to have a conversation with. (ie. has become more normal and personable la)

It didn't help my case when she's the owner of a dating agency and he is so curious about it he's asking a dozen questions, i felt like i was being "A-ed" (if u don't understand what that means..neh mind). Thankfully my dating-agency-fren is so happy and pre-occupied with her happy busy life now she's off my case....not too sure about the other guy though, just received an email from him of sumiko tan's article about "a woman needs a man" get your point..i know you mean well....but alllo?? want me to go out on the street and club some random guy on the head and drag him back to my cave is it? Even without going the primitive route, i don't believe in spending good moolah to meet pple, sorry la..itz just a personal opinion, i'd rather spend the dough on a good holiday with pple who's company i know i will be comfortable in and enjoy.

that concludes this week's random rant.

pop quiz question: if pea were to be a high ranking minister, what would her title be?
(hint: think in hokkien, or just refer to the title of this post) gd fren the official 'last ironman of s'pore's 1st ironman race" came up with it.

September 07, 2007

Amm chio or TL worthy?

It's been awhile since i blogged, some big guy said must make pea either amm chio or TL then she will blog about it one...

Before i forget, I read an article about facebook allowing search engines like google/yahoo etc to access n find your info. So better go change your privacy settings (article says u hv about 1mth to do it) unless you have an exhibitionist streak, in which case, you might wanna go beautify your site.

The pea has been really busy and hectic at work..only this week has been rather manageable.
I got abit annoyed at my probs collg (ie. collg w some probs la) , I have an issue about how slow motion he answers the phonecalls and how buay zi dong he is sometimes. The nickname given to him behind his back is really apt --tua pek kong(TPK)...sometimes dunno what he doing la..really sit there like TPK loh, like to give instructions somemore. Most of the time i ignore la, esp when he dunno head or tail n chap ji kah. Other than that i guess he's ok la, we keep to ourselves mostly, afterall guess it's just a job n we all working for much the same thing.

Found out this bank is really like what i feared rather stingy when it comes to payout. So really quite sian stress for what right? What to do, some is better than none. Gotta hang in there for yr then see how.

nothing amm-chio-able to blog about...unfortunately...