May 26, 2007

shama again!??!

Just when i thought, ahhh..finally back home...can try to eat abit of snake for the last week of work in this present's been a hectic week, could do with some down time..... I got a call on fri evening at 7pm to ask me to go over to HK again next week! DAMN!

Last week in HK, it was a holiday on thur so i earned one day off...but this coming week, thur is a holiday in S'pore but NOT in HK, so i gotta pay back that one day....nabei...i can't win with this company la...itz v annoying...

I don't know which is worse, the thought of having to work on a s'pre holiday or the thought of having to check in to that damn screwed up place again....u know what? i think the latter takes the cake.

I really hope that book lao pa was reading is true...june 6th is the date to look fwd to...for after that date....all ye dragons will hv a fantastic time!

The recent case of sudden death reported in the papers, of a 29yr old guy who is rather well known in the local music industry is v sad. Turns out my folks play golf with his folks n they are rather good friends, so i think it's rather close to home in a way. Mum was tellg me about it when they fetched me from the airport, the boy was working very hard on a upcoming project and was very stressed out, can imagine family's pain n loss, and all i can think of is that life is so precious n fragile, somethings are just not worth it... so guess have to live a balanced life...and learn when to say enough is enough so f off...haa..

May 22, 2007


my hk trip has not been smooth thus far.
sequence of events:

- 5min trip to changi airport, very smooth, when i got out of the car, i realised i was leaving a trail of white rubber. My arseluck in choosing a pair of shoes that i hv not worn in over 2yrs and no checking the base which was basically too brittle.
So after check in gotta go buy charles & keith sandal, quite kok.

-flight to HK, rather smooth, in my clumsiness i accidentally flicked some butter onto someone's laptop, lucky he busy eating neh see, i also heng my reflexes quite fast, hurry up wipe off and pretend nothing happen,continue eating....

-reach HK, customs queue, taxi queue all dam long, took me almost 2hrs to reach service aptm. While waiting got a call from s'pore office secretary saying that the stoopid farking hotel pple went to email my office and cc my farking big boss in hk that 2 of my friends hv checked in and are staying with me. All i blardi told them to do was to allow them to put luggage in the room 1st. Imagine how bad this looks. fucking upset for the rest of the day, cldn't even eat dinner properly, kept thinking wat the hell gonna happen 2mr.

-got up dam early coz basically didn't sleep all that well, got ready, took a cab to work.
old groucy taxi driver didn't understand me and i had to call my collg for help in translation.
- thankfully big farking boss was in big farking london, so i didn't have to deal with it face to face, just dropped him an email and all was clear. think it was just blew way out of proportion la...
-Cursing at the shama svc aptm pple was v apt, don't believe 'top' chains handle things like dat loh, they cld've at least had the decency to wait for me to arrive to clarify things.
-had some gd company for dinner with hilarious thai stand up comedy act by pegs...
-chilling out at her plc as i make use of lao pa's laptop n peg's broadband connection.

1more work day to go then hopefully will have enough time for some shopping ..

what can i say...i do not like HK...=(

May 19, 2007

Ah Di ah!

A normal lazy saturday, nuah until hungry so walk to the outside kopitiam to buy lunch.

5min walk out...5min walk need to dress up for sure.
Q up to buy 'teh peng' to quench the afternoon thirst, the drinks' stall auntie in her fervour to serve fast fast..barely glanced at me and asked 'ah di yao she mer'?

I pretend neh hear the 1st part of the question and gave her my order while looking at her straight in the eye. think she felt bad la after she look properly....ha...i was more amused than insulted. Got me thinking on my 5min walk home...was it my short hair? was it my happening army print bermudas? I think it's time for a change...i think i need to grow my hair out long...=P

May 15, 2007

where's the justice?

Just when i think i've accepted things and am more or less at peace w the situation and am moving forward.
I find out by chance that the irritating bugger has told yet another person that his bonus has hit 6figures. Don't these pple ever learn the meaning of the word 'humble' or that you can't 'buy' friends? or that respect is not earned n measured by how great u r trying to tell pple u r?
Worse still, where's the fucking justice if the HR can give him so much, and deny me my measely peanut dust for last yr????? Ni nabu la.
Neh mind, can only tell myself that only good things will come to me and my friends...
I am told today that i need to 'do them a favour' n fly myself to HK to do handover to a new fella. Such is the kok-ness of this plc, sign n charge away i shall, since it sure ain't going into my pocket na?

May 11, 2007

P's vision software upgrade successful!

I can see! It's rather amazing really, quite scary too, can see everythg that is happening. The aftermath with the plastic cups look quite kok..but 'an quan di yi, an quan di yi'.
Bottles of Solo care solution and unused focus dailies (500 degrees) to give away..anybody?? heh

May 06, 2007


realised a coupla things over last week.

1) boys can and probably are more sampat n gossipy than girls. the only difference is, they can gossip and shoot very succint questions at the subject of the gossip who is present in their midst.
girls generally will give face and only gossip behind the subject's back.

2) Mary's food still lives up to standards, and I feel hungry just thinking about the goreng pisangs and ngoh hiang rolls...yum...

3) Met up with a fren i haven't caught up with for awhile and she passed me 'the secret'...good reminder of all the stuff that I know and should be using but have lost sight of along the way.

4) Take home quote from Spidey 3 :"For all the things that life throws at us, there's always a choice".

5) If all else fails, when i grow old and wrinkled, I have a couple who will gladly totter around and watch tv with me (esp porn channels 304-309?) and laugh at the subtitles until our false teeth drop out. It's part sad...part reassuring ...don't know how else to describe it man...

May 02, 2007

go away!

back from trip...still in denial...can the real world go away for longer please?
(pic stolen from dix's collection) ...island kitty sure knows how to let it all go, shut the world out, don't listen to a dam thang...