April 27, 2007


Shackadoobeedoo!! yes i am.
Was looking fwd to annual kaleebso...now m so tired i am just glad to go away for a couple of days...the promise of gd food, gd fun, gd diving? sure helps..

*yawn* *stretch* *sigh*

April 23, 2007

msia boleh!

only in msia, this is what i call 'creating employment', imagine how many enforcement officers they need to employ to 'catch & scold people'.
tired tired....need a good laugh.....need a long break....need not to work...*bleah*

April 15, 2007

Hard day's work

oh...it's been a long n testy week...nothing like some good ole' exercise to release the pent up frustration and get my mind off things by tiring myself out.

If I were a cat...I probably look like this...the 'pose' says it all...shack out manz!!!....life is good for this cat it seems...taking a catnap next to the aromatic vapours of changi village's famous nasi lemak stall...it must be in kitty heaven...
Feeling slightly more hopeful now that i've had the weekend to ponder things through, pray for me my friends...we all could do with a lil' divine help.

April 14, 2007

storm before the calm?

Looking out of my office window, the color of the sky matches my mood for the last few days...cloudy, black and potentially stormy...told off a collg who i got dam irritated with.
to his question asking me for lunch so he can try to pry more info, my response was
:" I think i hv gd reason not to be in the best of moods right now, and to be honest with you that I'd rather not sit there and NOT answer your questions, so i'd pass on lunch if u can understand why."
not very fierce la (since when i ever scold pple) but i think i got the message across....
i can only grin and bear it and act like everything's fine and dandy...which by me is darn hard to do....at this age, i am even thinking of playing truant(coz i never did much of it back in school days)...it's pathetic...and it just goes to show the level of resentment in my lil' heart...

April 09, 2007

to be or not to be....

current plc Pluses:
Mostly boh zeng hu, no one hounds me for stuff or breathes down my neck
better rewards coz it's supposed to be a front trading position
I'm getting used to the nature of the job n the systems involved

current plc Minuses:
boring environment
Uncertain future
Annoyance at mgmt for dragging feet abt impt stuff (my money!!!)
Annoyance at myself for kena bluff coz i didn't clarify when i joined
Annoyance at doing work that is not reflected by my position
Annoyance at silly magic mushroom muffins eating counterparts who make my job harder
Annoyance at the lack of direction
Annoyance at the blurring of lines
General annoyance la!
Staring at 4screens not doing my eyesight any good...
Incongruency ...that's the word...i can't describe it anyway else....i feel like it ain't really what i shld be doing ( i shld be tai tai enjoying in bahamas on toto winnings..hee)

new plc pluses
'perceived' better environment...coz already know the pple and culture
So will largely still be a boh si mi zeng hu style...
if they can give me more moolah..of course betta la
i think at most 2 screens only.

new plc minuses
step back into that area then forget abt moving front again, right now not sure what i prefer
no chance of getting big big bonus
potentially long hours
certainty of me complaining abt stuff after settling in if i choose to go...just gimme a mth or two..

there is no one perfect solution...but there are always choices to be made...so what will it be
there are experiments done that proof that given 5secs or 5mins or 5days...we'll still come back to the same gut feeling instant decision...
i shall keep an open mind n go find out more 1st then say...

April 06, 2007

as wide as u can.....

had my lasik eye checkup yesterday....
throughout the examination, they keep telling me to 'open your eyes as wide as you can...wider..more...wider..."
after a few attempts you'd think that they will realise that it is not the case where I am not coorperating but rather i simply cannot.
I have lazy eye and lazy eyelid syndrome...it's "consistent" if u know what i mean =P ...plus modern ang moh equipment is not really tailored for slitty asian eyes...i had to resort to holding my eyelid up with my lil' index finger.
so it's set.....gonna do it next month...hope all goes well...

April 03, 2007

what do u make of this

i've been told that by reading someone's blog, you get a sense of that person.
Of what is said and unsaid, read between the lines, is this person proud? happy? cynical? ashamed? hiding behind a mask? a zi lian kuang? slightly deranged? simple? complicated?

or like me just plain ol' in need of a super long long holiday ...should do the take three weeks off back to back thing i did 2yrs ago...or even better take a even longer break when i strike toto? Ah...in life all we need is hope!

with that in mind i was thinkg about my friends' masterpieces....one runs like there's no 2mr...another posts pic of himself for himself to look at(did i mention zi lian kuang?)......one sits on the royal throne in the bathroom and comes up with philosophical stuff...one takes pictures of pretty flowers and gives thanks to her ex-bf among other things....one likes to wax lyrical on all things political......one complains abt life and love and work and not striking toto....well that's just what they write about...but who are they really? gotta read betw the lines....and i'm glad i've got this varied assortment of kakis...makes my life more interesting too...

so pray tell...what do you read from here? heh..=P

April 01, 2007


what happens when I leave the window open and go out?
the wind blows strongly when it rains or the little birdies outside decide to hop in for a snook around?

i come home to discover that it's broken =(

i've had it with me for almost 10yrs...now all shattered in bits and pieces on the floor...it's not spectacularly beautiful but it was a nice & sweet gift.... now it's place is in the bin...irrepairable....irreplaceable...lost...gone....