March 31, 2007

windows to the soul?

It's been a long work week...getting more n more tired as each day passes.
Not looking fwd to the next 2 wks...feel a headache coming on just thinking about it...shackadoodoo...

Made an apptm to go for lasik evaluation, see if i'm suitable or not...i suspect my degree not stable enough and the nature of my work my not help either...friends tell me might lose contrast...lasik effects may not be permanent (esp. if continue staring at 4screens daily) ...then there are those who've done it and say it's so liberating, best thing they've done, such a joy to throw all the contact lens/solutions/specs away..........we'll see how it goes...undecided as yet.....test already then say........can get 5days mc wor!! .....isn't sad when the prospect of getting mc to rest sounds good? hiaz...

thank god for the wkend again...if only sat/sun lasts longer....

March 28, 2007

Good read..

Just finished chapter 1, 35pages out of a very thick 933 pages novel and am liking it already. It's promising to be one of those darn good reads we come across once in a long long time...
It's been awhile since i've been so entertained. wish i can hole up in some remote resort for 3days and read it straight through.

i thought this was quite well put:

The past reflects eternally between two mirrors - the bright mirror of words and deeds, and the dark one, full of things we didn't do or say.

March 25, 2007

a rather long rant...

coupla things got me thinking this wkend...

a fren asked me a v succinct question
Q:" what do you do best?"
A:" er..'nothing?' ha!"
Q:" which other industry would your skills be easily transferable to?"
A:" ***blank*** :-
it didn't help that my nagging headache wldn't go away and i actually started to feel abit nauseous after awhile....didn't wana do a merlion so thot better go home swallow panadol and lie down for awhile...heh...felt much better after an hour or so.

am almost thru with a dalai lama book "the art of happiness at work"....well i wldn't say it gave much insight, more of reinforcement of what i already knew deep down inside...

maybe i'd b more satisfied working as a vet's assistant for 1/3 my current pay? anybody know any generous/kind hearted vets who will let me muck arnd and learn the ropes even tho' i ain't got the requisite papers? maybe i'll hang in my job for a year and do this totally different thing as a break...maybe i can do it on my wkends even now? hmm..

maybe i'd feel better if i got lasik done and i can actually see better and not constantly have this focusing problem (4 screens at work sure doesn't help with stabilising myopia)'s starting to get to me.

maybe i'd have more fun if i had a doggie which i can name mugly (as in the laughing dog in the hanna babara cartoon)...but itz really too much work, so maybe i'll just play with other people's pets and pretend m the happy owner for the day. maybe i shld get myself a rich guy to pay for all my whims and fancies..heh..ya right...=P

sun nite, the end of the weekend, i rested well (tho' i feel i can rest somemore) , i got marinated and it felt ooh sooo gd (i should do this everyweek)
feeling rather hopeful ... in the grand scheme of things, i have it quite gd...
altho' m rather certain this feeling will fade come a few hrs into monday ...*bleah*...

March 23, 2007

Paris Je Taime

just watched this rather interesting show, a collection of poignant stories of sorts.
there were...
le mime, le femme mime, le son with the oversized bag/specs, le vampire, le frodo, le cool dude who doesn't speak french, le funny chubby americano postlady, le oscar wilde...

~le pea~

magic muffins?

smoking too much magic mushrooms make your brains turn to i know? coz i have to work with some of these figures if you can have magic mushroom muffins easily in the country, most of the kids would grow up abit 'off'...and not all muffins r created equal, so some are definitely more 'off' then others...

~ yet another random nonsensical bitching session by pea ~

wanted to blog this on clubnarc but somehow doesn't work .... so unfrenly...=(

March 18, 2007

no sign of labour..

walking down busy orchard road on a saturday.....2 dudes walking along...nothing unusual about it...look closely at the words on the white t-shirt.

Unless my sekolah has upped the age limit and introduced foreign talents to their 'vjc tennis' squad, I think this dude has taken recycling to another level...unless i 'wo huei' and this fella is actually the coach? hmm..could b oso hor?

March 14, 2007


I applaude my enterpreneur fren, jia you jia you, you will succeed big big!

Luck and fortune favours the brave and well prepared.
I think can be rather brave, but currently I don't have a plan and hence am not prepared.

The restlessness is growing, the tu-lan-ness was probably written all over my face the past 2days prompting my collg to ask me:"ey, if u hv other plans, must tell me ok? don't quietly quietly ah..."
You can imagine my regret when i reply :"boh la, si mi plan, boh plan (yet) la"
How i wish my answer was different.

Corrinne may resonates with her tune:
" I can be free
I can be free from this place
Beautiful healer
Beautiful grace
Help me to see
Everything fall into place (<---very very impt siah)
Wake me from dreaming
No more deceiving
Break these chains " (<-- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

In another tune she pleads:
"I promise you
The answer will come
Hold on to patience
And watch for the signs (<-- my eyes n ears n heart r wide open)
Everything in it's time
Everything in it's time"

March 11, 2007

here chewy boy...heel!

Last nite i had a vivid dream ( i seldom dream)...too bad it wasn't 4 numbers...
i dreamt I had a cute lil' black retriever puppy...who in a very strange scooby-doo kind of cartoon way told me his name was 'chewy', and in my dream, i was quite glad to bring lil' chewy for a stroll arnd the neighbourhood...

am i going nuts?

i tink blogspot getting posts take more than 24hrs to appear..

March 06, 2007

Pea doing the superman pose

video courtesy of uncle tan...who on hindsight should have looked to his right ...he might have seen the manta (which eluded all of us, so we fight current for nothing) that played with his bubbles and only the DM saw lor...

check out the speed of my bubbles manz....just slightly lose to maratua only....
actually i thot he was taking picture, as i was busy looking all arnd me, happen to turn to his direction and pose somemore..haa

March 04, 2007

sotong cuttlefish & lighted asses

oh ya...our dive boat crew jumped in the water and used his bare arms to scoop this ill-fated cuttlefish....was on the surface and king treng spotted it...think it became the boatcrew's's the size of the pail lor...
we also went to see fireflies (ok ok quite sua ku) but did i didn't realise that on closer inspection, the lil' insects look like like mini ca-chuak's with lighted ass...quite pictures tho' as they are quite camera shy...tho' the whole bunch of them on a tree was a delightful sight...maybe thatz where the concept of christmas tree lights came about?

March 03, 2007

Private Performer P?

Your Blogging Type Is the Private Performer
Your blog is your stage - with your visitors your adoring fans.At least, that's how you write with your witty one liners.And while you like attention, you value your privacy.You're likely to have an anonymous blog - or turn off comments.

aye aye red eye...

Today at cityhall mrt ...quite this uncle who was feeling unwell and sweating profusely and could hardly stand properly...some commuters helped support him and led him to sit down, i went to get station ctrl staff but someone already told them and they rushed to his aid. Not sure what happened next guess they'd probably call an ambulance, hope the guy is alright. I jumped on the next train for my long journey home.

my eyes are smarting from all the screen staring the past 4days at work...and i hv broken capillaries in my left eye coz i rubbed too hard one zonked out look literally quite blood shot and shack....

sooo glad it's the's been a long week...from nearly missing our flight in philippines on sun (we made it amazing race style) to long hours grudgingly hitting the daily grind....