June 20, 2007


time seems to pass rather quickly it feels....i was moaning about pending monday..now already end of wed....just ystd celebrated my parallel universe fren's bday by having satisfying dinner at shaslik during which I was informed that i am rather kok since i didn't figure out how to set the date on my watch properly.

After that, I relied on trusty taxi uncle to send me home....during the journey, he asked me to read this police broadcast message on his taxi call booking screen...some big sized guy was out on the loose with one hand still in cuffs...then the taxi uncle say he knows who the dude is!! he is some guy who is a drug addict and hangs arnd in the taxi uncle's neighbourhood and the taxi uncle buys illegal ciggies from this dude for 1/2 the regular price! At this point i also don't know whether to believe or not loh...abit too coincidental right? anyway...i let it slide la, so kaypoh for what right.

On another topic...I think I need to get away and breathe some compressed air again, dunno when will I get the chance...just when the subject crossed my mind, got a msn message asking if I was keen to go manado to dive end Aug...hmmmm..can consider ley...any other takers??? I've only been there once and I told myself it's definitely worth it to go dive lembeh again....itz just the thought of jumping into the cold water that makes me hesitate. I can feel the chill in my bones just thinking about it...

June 16, 2007

connect the dots looking backwards

back from "alumni" dinner...seems like the few of us still trying to find out footing and get a comfortable stance in our chosen companies....it's not been easy...hope it will all work out for all...

was reading the text of one of Steve Job's speech (http://news-service.stanford.edu/news/2005/june15/jobs-061505.html)
In it he spoke about connecting the dots looking backwards...i think i can relate....i couldn't see back then....where my haphazard work experience would lead me...but now i guess the time i clocked in the other companies really did help me to 'pick up' faster at this new dept....it sure is darn hectic but at least the learning curve ain't too steep.....hopefully i'll handle the intensity well as i gain experience...

even landing the transfer to this dept was quite a challenge, but now looking back...some stuff had to not work out in order for other stuff to...and a series of small events that included frustrating news & interesting yet vital coincidences so minute it was barely a whisper that could easily have been missed......so it all falls into place and works out in the end....

Contrary to what my dear fren sms me today, i do not think God is on vacation...i think we just can't see his plan until it is unfurled before us....so take heart....keep the faith....and rmbr "all good things!"

June 14, 2007

hot dog

last nite i had a dream...and i seldom dream...or rather i mostly don't remember even if i do.
Could be that i'm waking up much earlier these days...before sunrise....so that's why can recall parts of the dream...
in my dream...i was patting the head of a pooch.....that one minute look like beemer(goldie)...next minute look like scout(brown & white border collie)...duh..confusing..haa

then ...cut over to another scene, i had my arm around a cute guy with a hot bod...?
then then then...
then i woke up......
so hor..tomorrow i set my alarm clock 5mins earlier...maybe can recall more if i do dream again......or maybe i'll just go have a hot dog...*sigh*

June 10, 2007


been a long hectic week...1st week officially at the new dept....wah siong! think this is the 1st time i start new job don't have 'honeymoon' period one. Really gotta hit the ground running...or rather sprinting....so by the time friday came around i was already dam chuan. Somemore was left alone for a short period (think only 25mins or so but felt like an eternity) one day and i nearly died juggling 3 phones and 2 bloomberg terminals.......... So looked forward to the weekend break. As usual it comes arnd and goes way too quickly...sun is coming to an end...monday will be dawning soon...and the madness is gonna start again!

*suck in deep breath*

June 01, 2007

Bottled apology

2nd time...booking screwed up again....told me 'they were not informed of my arrival but will let me check in anyways"...like hellllooo? doing me a big favor is it?.......the pea lost her zen quite awhile ago with this so called 'top svc aptm chain'.....told the charboh off that this is the 2nd time they've screwd things up for me. At the very least they 'zhi chuo neng gai', i returned to the room to find a bottled apology...altho' i don't drink, itz still a nice touch, quench the hell fires abit.

Last week thur was HK holiday, of course i didn't have to go in to work right? wrong again.....i found out this week that the CB si ang moh actually complained that i shld've come in to work since my flight was only in the afternoon. Hear already dam buay soong loh. I really think my 'yuan' does not lie with this dept....let's hope things pick up at the new dept....if it doesn't, my resignation letter is typed and ever ready...just need to change the date only lor.....afterall it's just a job, they don't own me, and when things get too ridiculous, just hv to say adios amigos.....wish me luck my friends....maybe i should read some 'hong chui' books also, haa...