June 26, 2006

precious memories...frozen in time...

the three mouse-ke-teers...my cousins n me (grandaunt used to call us the "san zhi lao shu")

My love for pooches n my sam-seng-ness developed at a young age...

tri-bike racing was quite 'in' then too...

June 24, 2006


my grandpa passed on today...at a ripe old age of 90yrs...he lived a full life...we're relieved that his painful last few days didn't drag on for too long...he even got baptised in his last week here on earth...by a hokkien speaking priest who was also originally from my grandpa's hometown in china no less...how great is that?

Grandpa in his much younger days...trying to teach us the value of patience, guess from the look on our faces...we didn't really quite get it.

on a lighter note...i'm beginning to wonder if the lack of mental stimulation is really affecting my brain function.

Stuff that happened this week:

1) brought my collg to eat this collagen noodle plc only to find that itz a totally different shop. Only realised today that I led her to a totally different street...of course cannot find la!

2) caught a movie this week...happily collected the tickets...read the print and announced :"oh! it's five o'clock" (i meant to say the movie is screening in cinema no. 5 but somehow the wiring betw the brain and the mouth short-circuited)

3) found out Pekya is also from the same secondary school as me..she was asking me what class I was in...i thot for a while and rattled :"oh! i was from class 1B,2C,3A,4A,5A,6A...
?????? (since when s'pore sec school got 6yrs one?) ??????
think she oso blur for awhile but perhaps she was too polite to point out my boo boo...either that or my frens who were wif me in the car (fatdix) oso not really paying attention la!

4) my fren jo n me basically were so blur we unintentionally tekan-ed sheu sum to sprint 400m to collect his stuff from his gym when we could hv easier made a u-turn and dropped him off...

come to think of it...my frenz also quite blur....so maybe m not the only one losing it hor? =P

June 17, 2006

losing my marbles --- part deux

It was lunchtime, queueing up to order food w 2 collgs...supposed to dapow one packet for another collg who cldn't come out....when it was my turn to order, i say loud loud :" chi de yi bao "

My 2 collgs behind me :" ?????" slience..then burst out laughing...
The sell-rice auntie :"soooo.. shi chi de hai shi bao de"???
me thinking to myself: "wah lau..si eh lak sek again...lucky not alot of pple arnd"

i think really losing my mind slowly laaa....this kind of things shldn't happen to me...i usually quite 'got it together' type...maybe itz the lack of intellectual stimulation at work...realised m on msn most of the time...now that we are what i wld term 'over staffed'...

June 14, 2006

cultural idiot

today i went to get my foot wart dug out...so happy somemore..thot confirm can get at least 1day mc...

As the doc sat scrapping my foot with a blade and injecting liquid nitrogen to freeze dry the dam thing ...i tried to distract myself from the pain by staring at his stuff on the wall...there were pictures of a toddler boy and a A4 size charcoal sketch ....which i thot was pretty neat for a lil' fella to accomplish...

me:" wah...ur son drew dat ah? quite good ar?"
doc:"huh? that drawing on my wall? no la! thatz a picasso" (duhh..wld u have guessed?)
me:" oooooooooooh, sorry....i'm not cultural" (wah lau! si eh lak sek)
doc:"and thatz not my son, he's my nephew"
me:" ???????????????? (this doc quite frenly/cheery loh...)

After procedure...

doc:"you alright?"
me:"yup...thot it'll be more major tho' thot i'd get an mc for 2mr"
doc:"nah..not serious...you ok to go back to work right?"
me:"err ..ya...dun need my feet to work la"
doc:" ???????????" (at this point he must b thinkg this girl dam strange la)

after i hobbled back to office...was relating my excursion to the doc's to my collgs...i cld hear scanner tell mama "selene, huei lai le".....
In my mind a thousand lightbulbs flashed at once....hurry up make apptm for lunch 2mr so that i won't have to lie if she ask me a 4th time...haaa...dam jiak lut...=P

anyway...lesson learnt today.....dun walk arnd barefoot if u can help it....warts are apparently quite common....esp if u hang out at the pool..gym...spa...beach....liveaboard boats... etc....
Taking effort to wear slippers is much more worth it then getting foot warts...quite an annoying and painful experience...unless of course u want an exciting excursion to the doc's la...then different story...

bu yao bi wo!!!...***grrrrr***

dunno what the hell is wrong pple nowadays...

at home mudder force me to sign up for this insurance savings plan thing her fren is selling...already told her dun want...no need....but she still insist.....that night shoved the whole stack of forms under my nose...wah lau...

i think itz becoz my mum feels bad coz itz one of her good frens and she has to let her good fren down coz my mum wanna get out of this golf committee thing in which this fren of hers is the captain... so guess what...the daughter is roped in to pay for the 'peace offering'...***grrrr***

then ah...at work.....the scanner strikes...already 3rd time liao...ask me out for lunch which i gave cock n bull story to avoid...some pple really dun get it...
Think ah...really gotta be blunt w her liao...i really dun enjoy being mean....itz not my character...i'm a bitch inside my head...i just don't like to become an 'external bitch'...afterall i am fully aware that pple ...no matter how annoying still have feelings one...but wah lau! get the hint already!

bu yao bi wo!!!!!!! >=(

June 12, 2006

copycat blogger

You Are Jean Grey
Although your fate is often unknown, you always seem to survive (even after death).Your mind is your greatest weapon, literally!
Powers: telepathy and telekinesis, the ability to project thoughts into the mind of others, communication with animals

Woo Hooo! Cool! push me to the limit and maybe i'll even turn schizo! =P


Hey! this website is quite fun...

Your Seduction Style: Au Natural

You rank up there with your seduction skills, though you might not know it.
That's because you're a natural at seduction. You don't realize your power!
The root of your natural seduction power: your innocence and optimism.

You're the type of person who happily plays around and creates a unique little world.
Little do you know that your personal paradise is so appealing that it sucks people in.
You find joy in everything - so is it any surprise that people find joy in you?

You bring back the inner child in everyone you meet with your sincere and spontaneous ways.
Your childlike (but not childish) behavior also inspires others to care for you.
As a result, those who you befriend and date tend to be incredibly loyal to you.

okay...tv beckons...

June 10, 2006

i go i go i go!

Alrighty...the exams have finally ended...the pea is happy to play again...

A friend said that itz always impt to be confident....I agree...one way or another...
I am very confident....confirm 'buang' this exam...heh heh....ah well....at least I gave it a shot. There's much to be said about just trying something...u'd never know eh?
I've just packed up the textbooks neatly...can sell liao since I won't be needing them anymore.
***Lelong lelong! half price!...very nice!***

Feeling kinda tired today...itz amazing how much energy is zapped just sitting arnd drinking kopi...heh heh...maybe itz the 2nd hand smoke we had to endure since we cheapo didn't wanna give starbucks biz so just sat outside at a nice shaded breezy corner. But as always, itz gd to catch up w gd friends...talk cock laugh alot...

In today's modern high tech world....it sometimes can be rather annoying when I come home to discover that not only is my home located in a very ulu part of the island (going home after a full day out is always a real royal pain the ass) I also live in the ice ages...where cable tv is unheard of (luckily I'm not a soccer fan) and when I turn on the printer to print something...inevitably the cartidge runs outta ink...urgh!!! murphy strikes...

oh well...better rest up early...going on a road bike trip early in the morning...where it involves several vehicles....a bumboat ride....getting off at a ulu jetty in an unheard of place across the straits and cycling dunno how far to get to this 'ming fo qi shi' dam good chee cheong fan place for breakfast... think i'm the only one on a modified mountain-road bike borrowed from a kind dive buddy (this acknowledgement on my much read and revered blog shld secure me future access to his bike..heh heh =P ) coz my own bike cannot make it......only hope i can keep up enough so that I won't just have their dust trails to keep me company on my lonesome ride...