May 27, 2008


night #5 in my temporary new north-easterly home. Actual distance to town seems shorter, unfortunately travelling time via bus/mrt is just as long ley. bummer. Since it's still about 1hr, i'd much rather travel eastwards. Maybe I'm just used to the east la. Don't think i have much of an issue adjusting to new home, after a false start on sat when i woke up at 8am due to construction noise, it was back to normal on sunday when i managed to sleep till 10.30am, that means my system has adjusted pretty quickly.

Work is droning on and more stuff seems to be piled on my plate. The annoying farker let off another one of those major stinkers of a fart today in office. As with people, sometimes it's the silent ones that are the killer. wah lau ey, some decorum would be much appreciated loh. Either have the decency to walk outside to the toilet or shaft a freaking cork up yours!...nabei.... >=(

May 20, 2008

doctor i am not

today i found out from pea mama who found out from a neighbour that in my estate lives the ceo of a big well known s'pore medical group...and also in another house a top oncologist in one of s'pore's 1st thought was :" 'powder' ah".....mum said :"all top guns(while holding up thumb)" which i told her very much tongue in cheek:"your daughter top dealer in f****s" wa ha ha...=P

May 13, 2008

selamat datang ke bali....?

ok's booked.....i finallly decided that the additional cost for the ticket is worth buy my peace of mind...that i'm secured to go for a 5day holiday with a bunch of fun pals....and i can leave the real world behind for awhile...we'll all suffer post-holiday blues for sure when we get back..but heck it is hard....

dix will buy me a drink (i dun want beer bintang) and shuyi will buy me makan =P.....the rest are welcome to chip to blanjah me other stuff ....heee heee...i feel so lurvvved...haa

over and out...

May 06, 2008

I wish you exciting times ahead

Today i listened to my philosophical doctor as he drew my blood.....expounding on the virtues of living a peaceful life. How in the ancient 3 kingdom story, the enemy would tell his opponent:"I wish you exciting times ahead".....meaning wishing upon his opponent a time of turbulence and war....doc went on to say that when he was younger...he dreaded mundane tasks...considering them boring...but now he cherishes these times as he feels that he is more at peace need for unneccessary stress and excitement.

What's worrying is that I am at least 20yrs younger than him but already share his some of this feeling.

Today I also packed another section of my past 20yrs into a cardboard box. some things i found I don't even remember I had/kept, so figured there'll be no loss to throw them out. With this downsizing of space...there's only room for the essentials....old photos however, really brings back memories and makes me wish i could turn back time....I miss the pooches... leslie the jap spitz and sa-kwa's the one doing the doggy yoga.