December 24, 2009

Merry X'mas 2009!

It's been a looong time since I last blogged.

My 2009 seemed to have all happened in the last six months.

I was privileged enough to do a mini tour-de-asia, visiting:
--Beijing in June (walked part of the Great Wall and touched the walls of the forbidden city)
--Bali in June(villa sankara it a
was not, think it was villa mari dade?)
--Mount Kinabalu in July (very proud of myself that I didn't pass out from the effort, now this can be checked of my list of 'been there, done that, don't think I'll do it again!)
--Kaleebso in August (our annual tioman dive/eat/sleep mecca)
--malacca pig out trip in oct (satay celup!)
--Hanoi in November (traffic is scary! water puppet show is a must see for visitors..hee hee)
--Lombok in December (beautiful plc, maybe 20yrs behind bali so have to be patient with their mana ada system? ways)

Looking forward as always to more fabulous trips in the year ahead...
starting with Mauritius in Feb =)
now how do I tell my new boss i need to take leave...hmmm......